What are Disposable Chair Covers?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
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Woman posing

Disposable chair covers are thin plastic or polypropylene sheets that slide over banquet chairs or other types of chairs to improve the aesthetic of the chair. The disposable chair covers are inexpensive and can be thrown away after use; they are lightweight, and some are likely to become damaged during use, which is why they are a one-time use item. Chairs used at weddings and other special events can often be covered with disposable chair covers to improve the aesthetic of the room or banquet hall. An alternative to disposable covers are fabric chair covers, which are more expensive and require more maintenance.

The styles of disposable chair covers vary significantly. Some are quite plain and are designed to slip over the chair quickly and easily, and removal is quick and easy as well. Others feature decorative bands or bows to further enhance the aesthetic of the chair. Several colors are available to fit virtually all color schemes at a wedding or event. The covers are generally quite thin, and they can be damaged during use, which is not a significant problem since the covers will be thrown out after use. This can be a problem, however, if more than one cover gets damaged; the overall visual appeal of the room can start to be affected.

Many people choose disposable chair covers over fabric chair covers because of the significant price difference: disposable chair covers are very inexpensive, so larger events may benefit from disposable chair covers to cover a large number of chairs. Fabric covers are visually appealing, but they will require some maintenance, especially if food or drink gets spilled on the cover. They tend to be more expensive to rent or buy, especially when a large number of covers are required for the event. In many cases, disposable covers can mimic the look of the fabric ones, though they can't mimic the quality feel of fabric covers.

Some disposable covers are designed to fit a certain type of chair, while others may feature extra material that will need to be tucked away or hidden somehow. Banquet chairs, for example, sometimes work in conjunction with disposable covers that are designed to fit tightly over the chair with no extra bulk. Other covers may be a one size fits all template, and the person putting the cover onto the chair will have to find a way to tuck away any excess. Many people use bands or bows to accomplish this, simply tying back the extra bulk around the seat back.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing