What are Digital Luggage Scales?

S. Gonzales

Digital luggage scales are travel accessories that are used to digitally determine how much luggage weighs. These scales usually are bought by frequent travelers who wish to stay within an airline's luggage weight limit. They are simple to use, small and lightweight, so digital luggage scales can easily become an important part of a traveler's belongings.

Digital luggage scales may be useful to frequent fliers.
Digital luggage scales may be useful to frequent fliers.

Many travelers invest in digital luggage scales because they provide them with a way to stay within airline regulations for luggage. Airline rules can be better followed when the device is employed as part of a traveler's preparation routine. By using digital luggage scales, travelers can pack more appropriately for their trips. This also can mean that travelers are spared from having to pay extra airport fees, because their luggage can always be checked to see that they are under the weight limit.

A digital luggage scale can help an airline passenger pack light and avoid costly baggage fees.
A digital luggage scale can help an airline passenger pack light and avoid costly baggage fees.

Features of digital luggage scales can vary between models and manufacturers. However, liquid crystal display (LCD) screens that allow their users to clearly read luggage weights are common. Sturdy handles and straps, tare functions, zero functions and hold features that let users read the LCD screens even after the luggage has been removed from the scale are likely to be offered. Users might be advised that the device has finished weighing luggage by listening for a series of beeps. In addition, a digital luggage scale can have a number of optional features such as timers, alarms and even flashlights.

Depending on the specific device purchased, a digital luggage scale can be read either vertically or horizontally. It's up to users to determine what their preferences are, but many users prefer to purchase a device that can be read horizontally, because it can be more ergonomic for them. It also can make the physical lifting and weighing of the bags easier. A horizontal LCD screen can be useful for travelers who want to keep an eye on the device while it is weighing luggage.

Digital luggage scales can be the perfect device for the average traveler, but its uses are not limited to those who simply want to take a vacation from time to time. Professionals, especially those who are frequent fliers, such as pilots and stewardesses, can find value in these devices as well. The device also can be used around the home. Backpacks can be weighed to ensure that the weight is not too strenuous on their owners. A digital luggage scale can even be used to help determine postage costs for packages.

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