What are Different Types of Kettlebell Exercises?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell
The traditional Russian kettlebell weighs about 35 pounds.
The traditional Russian kettlebell weighs about 35 pounds.

There are several types of kettlebell exercises designed for a vast assortment of specialized needs, such as exercises suited for beginners, for women, and for those who wish to use the equipment for intensive training sessions. Many fitness experts believe that the use of kettlebells, as opposed to traditional weights, has several key benefits including both their unique shape that is better adapted to the function of the human body as well as the diverse uses kettlebells offer. These weighted exercise accessories are available in a wide selection of weight amounts and shapes to provide the appropriate resistance to each person's exercises. Kettlebell exercises can be easily modified to the requirements of the trainee. Exercise options can be found online, in many noted fitness books and magazines, as well as suggested by local physical trainers.

Kettlebell exercises are designed for people of various fitness levels, including those who are new to working out with weights. Many of the same exercises used for more experienced athletes make up beginners' routines as well. The biggest difference is the beginners are required to use lower weighted kettlebells. Some of the most common exercises for beginners are the one arm kettlebell swing, designed to increase strength of the shoulder and arm, and the one arm kettlebell clean, which also incorporates back muscles in the exercise.

Women are often more interested in burning fat than producing large amounts of muscle. For this reason, most women avoid the very heavy kettlebells and use those from 12 to 18 lbs to reduce the likelihood of too much muscle gain. The most effective kettlebell exercises for women are the swing exercises designed to force the participant to control the movement of the kettlebell. These types of exercises create definition without building bulk. Kettlebell exercises are also effective for women when the same exercise is repeated for a set amount time, resulting in greater strength and endurance.

Kettlebell exercises aren't intended just for beginners. Many serious weight trainers take advantage of the benefits associated with this type of fitness equipment. Both men and women can use specific kettlebell exercise options to enhance their stamina, endurance, and strength. Some of the most common exercises used for these purposes include the one arm kettlebell snatch, the kettlebell sots press, and the kettlebell windmill. Each type of exercise targets the arms, shoulders, and back, while others, such as the kettlebell sots press, also provides an intense workout for the legs and gluts as well.

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    • The traditional Russian kettlebell weighs about 35 pounds.
      By: michaeljung
      The traditional Russian kettlebell weighs about 35 pounds.