What are Different Types of Compost Equipment?

Nychole Price

With the right mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and water, compost equipment can create a smooth, rich compost from organic materials such as food scraps, animal carcasses and animal waste. The compost created from this equipment is then used as a natural fertilizer for yards and gardens, as it is high in nutrients and less expensive than buying commercial fertilizer. There are three different types of compost equipment to choose from, depending on your needs. They include several varieties of bins, compost containers, and tumblers.

A compost bucket.
A compost bucket.

Compost bins come in several different versions to meet the needs of different individuals. Popular types include covered bridge organic hot bins, coated mesh wire bins and earth engine double bins. Covered bridge organic hot bins are one of the few compost bins that can purify animal waste and carcasses, as it reaches temperatures in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48.9 degrees Celsius).

Many people use yard waste when creating compost.
Many people use yard waste when creating compost.

Coated mesh wire bins are used to compost large amounts of yard waste, as they can accommodate 224 gallons (848 liters) of leaves and grass. Earth engine double bins are used by people who need to compost a large amount of waste in a short period of time. After composting, and turning, the organic mix for four to six weeks, it is transferred to the other bin and a new pile is started in the first one.

Most compost containers are smaller than a compost bin, and are stored on the kitchen counter for easy access. This container can compost any variety of organic kitchen scraps, other than meat, bones, fat or dairy products. These types of compost containers come in many unique styles including ceramic crocks and stainless steel kitchen composters. The larger version of this piece of compost equipment is referred to as a compost barrel, and is stored outside, for easier access to the compost heap or bin.

Compost tumblers make the job of composting large amounts of material a breeze. The various versions of tumblers can compost between 30 to 200 gallons (113.5 to 757 liters) of compost at one time. The popular types of compost tumblers include patio, base, bullet and sphere tumblers. Organic material is placed in the tumbler and depending on the type of tumbler, it is either turned, flipped or rolled a couple times a day. Thanks to their odor control features, compost tumblers are popular in suburban areas, where the smell of a compost pile or bin wouldn't be appreciated.

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