What Are Different Tips for Making Tuna Pizza?

Brandon May

Tuna pizza is an alternative to traditional pizza made with ingredients such as pepperoni and cheese, and includes different ingredients such as snow peas and chopped onions and herbs. It is best to use ingredients that maximize and expand flavor in a tuna pizza, as ingredients such as tuna, pizza dough and vegetables can be bland on their own. When making a tuna pizza from scratch, it is best the bake the pizza dough before placing the tuna on top. When making a pizza with tuna that includes a marinara or other type of base sauce, it might be a good idea to include certain herbs or spices that complement the seafood, such as thyme, tarragon or seafood spicing blends.

Canned tuna can be used to make tuna pizza.
Canned tuna can be used to make tuna pizza.

Many tuna pizzas are made using canned tuna, but for greater flavor, fresh tuna can also be cooked and cubed to be used as a topping. Recipes for tuna pizza often advise adding ingredients that are similar to tuna casserole, such as mayonnaise, snow peas and chopped onion and garlic. Since these ingredients are somewhat bland, even in combination with each other, it is suggested to add additional herbs and spices to maximize overall taste. Adding salt and pepper, as well as herbs that go well with seafood like thyme and sage, are helpful additions to tuna pizza.

A creamy sauce of a marinara sauce might be the best base for a tuna pizza.
A creamy sauce of a marinara sauce might be the best base for a tuna pizza.

Some pizzas using tuna as a topping might recommend adding a base sauce before adding the tuna, such as a creamy sauce or marina sauce. Adjust these sauces to suit preferred taste, with herbs like sage and thyme, as well as any seafood spice blends that might be available at some grocery stores. To let these spices infuse into the sauce, it might be helpful to cook the sauce slowly over medium heat in a saucepan. This will help incorporate the flavors of the herbs and spices into the sauce, enhancing flavor. In a creamy sauce, adding melted cheese or heavy cream will lend not only taste but texture as well.

If using an uncooked pizza dough made from scratch, it is best to bake the dough until fully cooked before adding any sauce or toppings. This can prevent the dough from becoming too soggy, as well as keeping the rest of the ingredients from overcooking or burning. Prebaked pizza dough does not require cooking before adding the toppings, making it an easier solution to homemade crusts. To avoid burning a tuna pizza, surrounding the edge of the dough with aluminum foil is helpful to prevent charring and excessive crispiness.

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In a few weeks, I will making a pizza from scratch for the first time in my life. From reading the article, the hardest part looks to be the dough. Though many people think of the toppings more than anything else, what they also don't realize is how essential firm dough is to a good pizza. In the media, have you ever seen those chefs that are able to "fix" the dough with their hands by tossing it around and flipping in in the air? That definitely takes skill.

This summer, I made some tuna pizza with my parents, and the quality was great. One thing that stood out the most to me was that the ingredients were fresh. The pizza hadn't been sitting out for long, unlike fast food establishments. In fact, this happens to be one difference I notice between homemade pizza and store bought pizza.

When it's homemade, you're in no rush to cook it, so you take more time with your products. However, when the pizza is store bought, the quality can end up being cheaper and less fresh. For example, most of the pizza from fast food establishments (Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, etc) are actually bought in stock. They have many customers to serve, and don't have forever to spend on one pizza.


While I've never made tuna pizza before, I do think that it would be interesting to try out, and it would be a nice norm from the standard sausage and pepperoni. On a different note though, it certainly does seem like something that would only appeal to a small group of people. After all, notice how you don't see it at restaurants and other establishments. In fact, I wonder if it originally originated as a homemade dish. If so, that could be the reason why. On a final note, tuna pizza might be beneficial to some if they're trying to watch their weight. Pizza can be a healthy choice for some, as long as it's homemade, and not ordered from fast food establishments.

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