What Are Deviled Sausages?

Eugene P.

Normal sausages that have been prepared in a way that makes them intensely spicy and hot are known as deviled sausages. Any type of sausage can be used whole or cut into pieces. Some recipes call for the sausages to be browned in a pan and then braised in a very hot mixture of condiments. Other recipes use a more casserole-like approach and cook the sausages in the hot spices in an oven for a long period of time. The end result of making deviled sausages is a food that can be a party appetizer or a meal when served with vegetables, polenta, mashed potatoes or bread.

Almost any type of sausage can be deviled.
Almost any type of sausage can be deviled.

Nearly any type of sausage can be used when preparing deviled sausages. Spicy and sweet Italian sausages are a common choice, as are small cocktail sausages when the dish is meant to be a finger food. Special kinds of sausage, such as andouille or Chinese sausages, can add extra spice to the dish. Cured sausages such as kielbasa or Spanish chorizo can have the same effect. If mild-flavored chicken, turkey or vegetarian sausages are used, then the spices in the deviled sauce could need to be reduced to prevent overpowering the more subtle flavor.

Deviled sausages are typically spicy.
Deviled sausages are typically spicy.

The heat in deviled sausages comes from a thick sauce that is cooked with the meat until it forms a spicy coating on the sausages. There are a number of recipes, but some standard ingredients are mustard, Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar. Vinegar, hot sauce, barbecue sauce and tomato paste also are frequently used, especially when the dish will be cooked slowly for a long time. Onions, garlic, hot peppers and horseradish can add spicy undertones. All of the ingredients for the sauce are combined and cooked briefly in a pan, sometimes with stock or water added.

To assemble deviled sausages, the meat and any vegetables are browned and cooked in a pan. The sauce is added and heated through so the flavors come together. At this point, the pan is either partially covered and allowed to simmer until the sauce has reduced or everything is transferred into a casserole dish and placed into an oven to roast slowly. The deviled sausages are done when the sauce has thickened and has coated all of the meat.

There are recipes for deviled sausages that add more complex flavor elements. Apple, mango and pineapple are popular additions that can help to create a sweet and sour flavor. Soy sauce, ginger, molasses and green peppers can add depth to the sauce and help it caramelize and thicken. The finished sausages can be served with bread, rice, fresh vegetables, mayonnaise dip or even with more of the hot sauce on the side.

Deviled sausages are often served alongside bread.
Deviled sausages are often served alongside bread.

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