What Are Deep-Fried Pickles?

Valerie Goldberg
Valerie Goldberg
Pickles are covered in batter before cooking in a deep-fryer.
Pickles are covered in batter before cooking in a deep-fryer.

Deep-fried pickles are pickles that are coated in a batter and cooked in a deep-fryer or with hot oil. Various types of pickles can be used for deep-frying. Many times deep-fried pickles are served with some variation of dipping sauce on the side. Many people enjoy the flavor of pickles that have been deep-fried, but it is worth noting that the process adds extra fat and calories to the pickles. It is customary for a person to have deep-fried pickles as a snack or an appetizer rather than as a main dish.

Deep-fried pickles are often sold at street fairs.
Deep-fried pickles are often sold at street fairs.

Sandwich pickles are one of the most common types of pickles to deep-fry. Deep-fried sandwich pickles look like chips — flat and circular — making them ideal to eat as a lunch side. The flavor of deep-fried pickles can be enhanced by serving a sauce with the pickle chips. Restaurants have all kinds of options when it comes to offering customers fried-pickle dipping sauce. Some venues will simply serve the pickle chips with cups of ranch or blue cheese salad dressing, while other establishments make their own sauces by combing ingredients such as mayonnaise, horseradish and garlic.

Large, whole dill pickles that are served deep-fried are often offered at carnivals and street fairs. These deep-fried pickles are typically served on a stick for convenience. Atkins, Arkansas, hosts its own festival each year devoted entirely to pickles. Atkins resident Bernell "Fatman" Austin is credited with developing the deep-fried pickle while cooking at his drive-in restaurant during the 1960s. As of 2011, his recipe is still being served up by his family during the Atkins Pickle Fest.

Cutting dill pickles into wedges before deep-frying them is another option for serving fried pickles. People who enjoy eating thick, wedge-shaped French fries may want to try this variety of pickle treat. This type of fried pickle can be seen served with sandwiches or as a snack sold at bars.

People can try making their own deep-fried pickles at home. A person can alter the taste of his or her deep-fried pickles by choosing a different variety of oil to cook with. Canola oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil and olive oil will all give fried pickles a slightly different flavor. Sandwich pickles and dill pickles may rank among the most popular types of pickles to fry, but any variety of pickle can be used. Pickle lovers can branch out and try using Polish pickles, bread-and-butter pickles and other kinds until they find the variety that tastes most appetizing.

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Since I love any kind of pickle, I had to try these appetizers when I was visiting my friend in the South.

These were the pickle chips that were fried and served on a plate. After they were fried they looked like thick potato chips.

I became addicted after the first bite! I could easily have eaten the whole plate by myself. My friend liked them dipped in ranch sauce, but I liked to eat them without any sauce.

The taste of the pickle really came through that way. It is hard to describe the combination of the crunchy batter and the crisp pickle. It makes my mouth water just thinking about them!


Our state fair is known for their unique food choices, and they specialize in food on a stick. Every year there are new ideas that people come up with to serve on a stick.

One that has been popular are the deep-fried pickles on a stick. These are the big dill pickles that are dipped in batter, fried and eaten right off the stick.

Many people buy these big pickles and eat them without being deep-fried. I don't mind pickles, but could never eat one of these huge pickles at once.

What a difference it makes when it is fried in some batter - then it is more like a food and I had no trouble eating the whole thing.

The only time of year I have one of these deep-fried pickles is at the fair. I know right where the pickle stand is, and can't leave until I have had one.


@drtroubles – I recently tried deep-fried pickles and I fell in love with them. I really enjoy how you bite through the crunchy outer batter and reach the soft, salty inner pickle. Though, as far as I am concerned, the batter really does make the entire appetizer.

My friend has been making deep-fried pickles for ages and she just gave me a batter recipe after I begged her for it, so I'll share it with you too. What she recommends is keeping it is simple as possible and adding what you like to taste. All you need is to beat two large egg yolks with 1 cup of water and 1.5 cups of flour to make the batter. After this you can spice to taste. She adds a bit of cayenne pepper for a bit of bite.


Does anyone have any good recipes for the batter you use to make deep-fried pickles?

Later this month I am going to start hosting parties for the upcoming holidays with my wife and would like to create a nice spread of various appetizers. I know a few buddies of mine like pretty much anything deep fried, so I figured I would try to do something a bit different than putting out the usual chicken and potato wedges. Any other appetizer suggestions would also be appreciated. I am not much of a chef but I can work a BBQ and deep fryer with the best of them.


When I was traveling in Australia I ended up at this pub in Sydney, down near Bondi Beach that was serving "frickles". I had never heard of deep-fried pickles before so I figured I would give it a try. The batter it was coated with was supposedly made with beer, so it kind of made the ultimate bar snack, in all its salty, fatty goodness.

I actually enjoyed the frickles but I can't say I would ever try them again. They were really decadent, and seemed far worse for me than anything a fast food joint could throw at me. My husband gave them a try but wasn't a huge fan, so I suppose you have love pickles to want them deep fried.

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    • Pickles are covered in batter before cooking in a deep-fryer.
      By: Bombaert Patrick
      Pickles are covered in batter before cooking in a deep-fryer.
    • Deep-fried pickles are often sold at street fairs.
      By: Elenathewise
      Deep-fried pickles are often sold at street fairs.