What are Cupboard Bins?

Gregory Hanson
Gregory Hanson
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Cupboard bins are tubs, often made of plastic, that slide into niches as a form of convenient and compact storage. This type of storage bin is available in a variety of different models, ranging from small bins that can be used in any modest space to special stacking and locking units that consist of both bins and receptacles to store the bins. Cupboard drawers are a closely related product, and many models function as both bins and drawers as needed.

These devices combine the advantages of stackable storage, which uses space very efficiently and allows for easy sorting, with the easy access normally associated with less compact storage methods. Supplies stored in cupboard bins are conveniently kept out of sight and out of the way when not in use, but the bins can be removed and carried to wherever their contents are needed, allowing easy access to tools, craft supplies, kitchen products, or any other small stored objects.

Bins of this type are frequently employed to store toys and children’s craft supplies or clothing. They tend to be inexpensive and stain resistant, which are advantages when dealing with children. Cupboard bins for children are a common sight in classrooms for younger students, as they allow personal effects to be easily sorted and neatly stored.

The most basic varieties of cupboard bin consist simply of tubs, usually with rounded edges and corners for safety. These bins can be housed in any available space and allow easy access to materials stored inside. This type of bin is often made of plastic, with a durable rounded lip that serves as a handle to allow the bin to be easily pulled out for use. Occasionally, such bins are made from other materials, including wood and laminated composites, primarily for aesthetic reasons. Some heavy-duty bins, ideally suited for garage or shop use, are made of metal to improve their durability.

Higher-end cupboard bins can include some more advanced features. Some manufacturers produce bins and housings that are designed to work together. The housings for these cupboard bins often lock together, allowing racks of bin containers to be assembled quickly and easily.

Stackable cupboard drawers offer the same basic functionality, with a few additional benefits. These drawers slide into special mounting receptacles, designed to prevent the drawers from falling out accidentally and spilling their contents, a problem that can occur with other varieties of cupboard bin. The drawers can be easily removed from their housings and are then just as portable as other types of bin.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book