What Are Crock-Pot® Vegetables?

Patti Kate

Crock-pot® vegetables are fresh or frozen vegetables that are prepared using a method of slow cooking. A Crock-pot® is a type of electric pot that cooks various types of foods without the use of a stove or oven. Most Crock-pots® feature three levels of cooking, which are low, medium, and high. It typically takes five to eight hours to prepare Crock-pot® vegetables, depending upon the recipe.

Crock pot vegetables refer to frozen vegetables prepared using slow cooking.
Crock pot vegetables refer to frozen vegetables prepared using slow cooking.

Most Crock-pot® vegetables are prepared as side dishes, although many are main entrees that include meat or chicken. Side dishes may include sliced fresh carrots and onions, as well as potatoes. A glaze may also be added to this type of Crock-pot® vegetable dish. Seasonings are often used when preparing Crock-pot® vegetables, and often include salt, pepper, and various herbs.

Celery is a common Crock-pot® vegetable.
Celery is a common Crock-pot® vegetable.

Crisp vegetables, such as squash and celery, are often used to make Crock-pot® roasted vegetables. Olive oil and garlic may be added for flavor. This type of roasted vegetable side dish takes about eight hours to prepare in a slow cooker.

Crock-pot® vegetables prepared as a main entree typically include cubed beef. Crock-pot vegetable stew is often made with beef stock or broth, as well as carrots, onions, and celery. As a variation, chicken vegetable stew may also be prepared in a Crock-pot®, with diced or cubed chicken.

Although Crock-pot® vegetables are often used as a side dish or entree, Crock-pot® soups may also be made with fresh or frozen vegetables. Canned or frozen mixed vegetables are easy alternatives to freshly chopped vegetables. Crock-pot® vegetable soup may also be made with canned tomatoes or tomato paste.

Another type of Crock-pot® vegetable recipe is made with rice. Often referred to as a rice and vegetable medley, this slow cooker meal is often served with warm cornbread. Chicken or chicken broth may also be added to this slow cooker meal. Wild rice pilaf may be made in a Crock-pot® with celery, onions, and chicken broth. A meatless variety of the Crock-pot® vegetable medley is appropriate for vegetarians.

Green bean casserole, which is typically prepared in a standard oven, may also be prepared using slow cooker techniques. In addition to frozen green beans, condensed cream of mushroom soup may also be used. To give this slow cooker recipe a crunchy texture, some prefer to include canned French-fried onions. This Crock-pot® dish is best prepared on low heat for about five or six hours.

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