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What Are Corporate Branding Agencies?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Corporate branding agencies are businesses that help other businesses create and adopt a new brand and position that brand in the target market’s mind. It starts with research, with corporate branding agencies analyzing the business to find out what type of brand would work best and how to position it. The agency then creates phrases, known as taglines, which will help the target market remember the business. During the development stage, the branding agency will use graphic designers to create a custom logo for the business. The agency also will market the brand to ensure consumers hear about it.

When businesses hire corporate branding agencies, one of the first things they do is conduct research on the businesses being rebranded. This normally involves understanding a business’s target market — whether ordinary consumers, other businesses, etc. — and then understanding what marketing works best for the target. The agency also will make sure the brand is not already used and that similar logos do not exist. Research will help the new brand be successful, because research is what allows the brand to be tailored to the business’s market.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

After understanding the market, corporate branding agencies will begin developing phrases to help the business’s branding. While the target market will often remember the main logo of a business, taglines serve as an extra reminder. Some businesses are known only by their tagline, and the tagline can be the key to winning over customers. Agencies will often create a few taglines for a business, though most businesses will use only one at a time.

Graphic designers are called in to create the business’s new logo or to update its old one. The logo will be created to suit the business’s needs and its market. For example, if the business targets eccentric consumers, then a wild and colorful logo may be appropriate; if conservative businesses are targeted, then an authoritative and restrained logo is more likely. The agency also will help the business place the logo in places — such as employee shirts or business cards — that will give it the maximum exposure.

When the logo and taglines are finished, corporate branding agencies will then create a marketing strategy for the brand. Depending on the business, the marketing may appear in print, online, on the radio or in any number of other places. This helps secure the new brand by making sure the target market hears about it, which can generate sales from the new branding.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up