What are Cordless Scissors?

Erika Peterson
Erika Peterson
Heavy duty cordless scissors can be used to cut sheet metal.
Heavy duty cordless scissors can be used to cut sheet metal.

Cordless scissors, sometimes called electric scissors, are a convenient way to cut paper, tarp, cardboard, fabric, vinyl, canvas or window screening. Some brands can even cut Kevlar® and fiberglass along with many other materials. Certain types of cordless scissors resemble traditional scissors and are used the same way, but the added power makes cutting nearly effortless.

Scissors were originally created using metal connected with springs, and modern day scissors did not make their debut into mass production until the 1760s. By the 1800s, hand-carved scissors were popular in Europe. Scissors are now easily produced and commonly found in most households. As modern technology grows, so do our everyday tools. Now cordless electrical scissors have provided an innovative new technique for an old idea.

Cordless scissors come in a sleeker design than regular scissors and are often able to be used interchangeably between the right and left hand. The scissors come with a sharp blade that will need replacing every few months, and it can be activated simply by squeezing the handles. They are an excellent choice for cutting paper, coupons, or crafts.

Other types of cordless scissors are often referred to as simply electric scissors. These scissors have an easy-grip overhand handle and are more suitable for tougher jobs. They offers a comfortable and firm grip for greater control and less chance of slippage. Instead of a four-fingered squeeze to turn on the device, these come with an on and off switch. Some brands can be mounted on a table for stationary use.

Cordless shears are used for larger projects. Powered by an 18-volt motor, shears can slice through wood, plastic and sheet metal. Shears prove themselves more versatile, with a 360-degree swiveling head and are shaped more like a power drill than a pair of scissors.

Cordless scissors, or shears, are a complement to any sewer's handbag and are handy for multiple quantities needing to be cut, though traditional scissors may be a better choice for smaller projects that require more precision. They are also a handy addition for anyone with arthritis or other joint or muscle conditions that make regular scissors more difficult to navigate.

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    • Heavy duty cordless scissors can be used to cut sheet metal.
      By: Kybele
      Heavy duty cordless scissors can be used to cut sheet metal.