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What are Chakra Bowls?

Carolyn Lawrence
Carolyn Lawrence

Chakra bowls are a type of bowl used in Eastern medicine to help heal the body by creating vibrational tones to realign the chakras. The bowls have been made from many substances over the centuries, but many contemporary bowls are made of quartz. When such a bowl is hit — or played — properly, it produces a tone and vibrations. Different chakra bowls produce different tones, and each of the various tones is said to align with one of the body’s seven main chakras.

According to this ancient traditional medicine, the main chakras within the body control different organs and body systems. The root controls the core and assists with circulation, while the spleen focuses on the muscles, the sexual organs, and emotional balance. The solar plexus controls the digestive system and affects headaches, and the heart aids circulation and the pulmonary system. The throat is credited for working with the esophagus and the pulmonary system, the brow is seen as the purifier and handles sinus issues, and the crown handles the nervous and skeletal systems.

Some people use a chakra bowl in their spiritual or meditation practice.
Some people use a chakra bowl in their spiritual or meditation practice.

When the body is in “dis-ease”, or not at ease, it is said that the chakras are imbalanced. The use of the bowls is intended to help realign the chakras in a balanced, harmonious system. It is believed that chakra bowls use vibrations and tones to realign the body's seven main chakras through the reintroduction of the proper electro-magnetic vibration.

All cell bodies in the human system have a particular electro-magnetic vibration, and chakra bowls tune into those vibrations. When a system is distressed, it is believed that the cell bodies are not vibrating in the appropriate, balanced way; the result is dis-ease and illness within the body. The vibrations — or singing, as it is also known — that emanate from the chakra bowls are similar to the vibrations within human cell bodies when they are functioning properly. When the cell bodies are not functioning properly and suffer dis-ease, the singing of the bowls is thought to reintroduce the imbalanced cell bodies to their natural, harmonious vibrations, re-establishing the cell's natural vibration and creating balance within the entire system.

While chakra bowls have been made from a variety of substances, including wood and glass, over the years, many sold in the early 21st century are made of silicon quartz. The human body is primarily made of silicon quartz. When silicon quartz bowls sing, the vibration of the bowl is harmonious with the natural vibrations of the human cell bodies, which are believed to respond to the silicon quartz and naturally vibrate in time with the chakra bowls. By aligning the disturbed cell bodies with their proper and natural vibration, chakra bowls are said to allow the body to begin to heal naturally, so people may achieve a more balanced, healthier life.

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    • Some people use a chakra bowl in their spiritual or meditation practice.
      By: Antonioguillem
      Some people use a chakra bowl in their spiritual or meditation practice.