What Are Cellophane Bags?

Christine LaFleur
Christine LaFleur
A gift basket wrapped in a cellophane bag.
A gift basket wrapped in a cellophane bag.

Cellophane bags, also known as cello bags, are transparent, thin bags made from cellulose. These bags are commonly used as gift bags alone, or they can be used to wrap gift baskets. The top of the bag usually is gathered and tied off with a ribbon. Cookies and candy are commonly placed in the bags, but almost any gift can be given in a cellophane bag.

Some manufacturers use cello bags for packaging food items. Cookies are the most common item packaged in cello bags. Candies, such as peanut butter cups, and crackers also are packaged in the bags.

Cellophane is popular for wrapping candy.
Cellophane is popular for wrapping candy.

There are different styles of cellophane bags. Flat bags work well to hold cookies or other flat items. The top usually can be folded over and might be self-sealing. Square cellophane bags have a sturdy bottom that will stand on its own. Items can rest in the bottom of the bag, and the top can be gathered and tied with a ribbon.

Gift baskets are commonly wrapped in large cellophane bags. The cellophane bag acts as a barrier and protects items such as fruit or other edible goodies from the outside air. The gift basket is placed right into the bag, and the top is gathered and tied.

Heavy-duty cellophane bags are thicker than regular cello bags. They usually have gussets running up the sides that allow the bags to expand when filled with items. The heavy-duty bags are better at providing an oxygen barrier and moisture barrier to protect food items.

Standard cello bags usually have gussets, as well. The gussets work to allow the bag to expand. This is especially helpful when the bags are used as candy bags. Several pieces of candy can fill the bag, and it will expand with no problem.

For people who are environmentally conscious, some cello bags are made from a biodegradable material. These bags are compostable and made from cellulose taken from sustained forests. Biodegradable cellophane bags have almost no impact on the environment.

Although clear cellophane bags are popular, there are many colors and styles of cello bags, but all of the bags are at least somewhat see through. Cellophane bags can come in shades of just about any color. The colored bags might obscure the products that are inside them just a little bit. Cello bags also are available in a variety of prints for any occasion.

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    • A gift basket wrapped in a cellophane bag.
      By: archana bhartia
      A gift basket wrapped in a cellophane bag.
    • Cellophane is popular for wrapping candy.
      By: JMB
      Cellophane is popular for wrapping candy.