What Are Catamaran Charters?

L. Baran
L. Baran
Access to jet skis can be part of a catamaran charter.
Access to jet skis can be part of a catamaran charter.

Catamaran charters are the hiring of a certain type of boat for sailing. Catamarans are boats with two hulls joined by a central frame, and they can be sail-powered or engine-powered. Charters typically include a full crew responsible for sailing the boat, navigation and providing meals and drinks to the hiring party. A catamaran charter is often a luxury vacation on which guests can relax and be catered to as they enjoy the ocean. Although they are naturally popular with experienced sailors, sailboat charters are also appealing to novices who would like to try their hand at sailing for the first time or who simply want to sit back and enjoy what the water has to offer.

A bareboat charter involves hiring the catamaran without a crew and is an option for experienced sailors. Some companies also offer captain-only charters, where groups provide their own food but are led by an experienced boat captain. Although catamaran charters are available almost anywhere in the world, some of the most popular destinations are the Caribbean, Australia and Mexico. Some charters can even be taken to multiple continents in one trip.

Many catamaran charters feature gourmet chefs, luxury accommodations and varied daily activities. Guests can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing and kayaking. On many catamaran charters, island stops or land activities are also part of the package. Guests can spend time on the beach, visit harbor towns or shop in local villages.

Catamarans provide a unique sailing experience because of their design. They are faster than single-hull boats and turn differently, making them a popular choice for sailors who are looking to experience something different from a typical yacht. Catamarans also are a great choice for those who enjoy using a trapeze to experience the ocean. The speed of the catamaran makes using the trapeze an exhilarating experience.

Catamaran charters typically are more than 44 feet (13.4 m) long and can be much larger. This provides plenty of living space and areas to store equipment for cooking and recreation. The average catamaran charter is appropriate for as many as eight people, but larger boats can accommodate groups of 10 or more.

Many companies offer charters in various destinations. Charters often depart from port locations, but groups can also fly to their chosen destination and board the catamaran when they arrive. When choosing a charter company, features that customers to look for are the age and maintenance of boats, experience of crew members, on-board equipment and cost.

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    • Access to jet skis can be part of a catamaran charter.
      By: Wimbledon
      Access to jet skis can be part of a catamaran charter.