What Are Cappuccino Muffins?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Espresso is a good accompaniment to cappuccino muffins.
Espresso is a good accompaniment to cappuccino muffins.

People are often looking for a tasty confection to enjoy with their coffee, and cappuccino muffins are an example of this. These types of muffins normally have a hint of coffee flavor in both the topping and the cake itself. They may contain ingredients that give them additional flavor while adding to the sugary taste. The topping can vary, but is normally very sweet as well. Cakes such as these are often served in gourmet coffee shops around the world.

Coffee grounds or instant coffee granules might be added to the batter when making cappuccino muffins. This tends to give the cake a coffee-like taste and aroma, but does not usually make the finished product grainy. A splash of this beverage could also be added to the icing, and this is especially tasty if the frosting has a chocolate base to it. Vanilla extract and cinnamon are sometimes added to flavor the muffins. Other ingredients that could be included are flour, milk, and baking powder.

Cappuccino muffins often have flavored baking chips in the cake itself. Chocolate chips are often used, but these dessert muffins could also contain butterscotch or peanut butter ones. Some cooks like to add candied fruit to the batter or dried varieties such as raisins or dates. This might result in these homemade muffins being somewhat fruity tasting in addition to being sweet.

When making topping for cappuccino muffins, cream cheese and sugar are often mixed together to form a thick frosting. There may be small pieces of chocolate added to the topping, and this can be a good idea when the muffins themselves contain chocolate. Other times, they might simply be dabbed with whipped cream and a dash of chocolate sprinkles. Caramel or chocolate sauce could also be drizzled over the muffins, and this can be an ideal thing to do when serving them warm.

These specialty cakes are normally very high in calories, which means they should not be consumed on a regular basis. They can, however, be an ideal treat to enjoy with a flavored cup of coffee or an espresso. Since they are often eaten with coffee, cappuccino muffins are normally considered a breakfast muffin, but they might make an ideal afternoon snack as well.

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    • Espresso is a good accompaniment to cappuccino muffins.
      By: Alessandro Capuzzo
      Espresso is a good accompaniment to cappuccino muffins.