What Are Butterscotch Chips?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

Butterscotch chips are butterscotch-flavored concoctions shaped like and used like chocolate chips. For example, they are commonly used in baking treats like cookies and muffins and can be used in making cheesecakes and topping ice cream as well. Some people even eat a few here and there as a snack without any accompaniment. A person can usually find butterscotch chips in grocery stores. Additionally, they're easy to make at home using simple, easy-to-obtain ingredients.

Butterscotch chips may be used to make cookies.
Butterscotch chips may be used to make cookies.

When compared to chocolate chips, the butterscotch variety is usually much lighter in terms of coloring. While chocolate chips are typically dark brown, butterscotch chips generally have a lighter brown coloring that is similar to the appearance of caramel. Like chocolate chips, however, the butterscotch version comes in both regular-sized chips and mini sizes. A regular-sized butterscotch chip, for example, is often about the size of the eraser on a pencil, give or take a bit, while mini chips are about half this size or smaller.

Butterscotch chips can be used as a garnish on baked goods.
Butterscotch chips can be used as a garnish on baked goods.

Though a person can purchase bags or canisters of these flavored chips, he can also prepare them at home using butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, salt, whipping cream, and white chocolate. All of the ingredients except the white chocolate are usually mixed together and heated in a pan to make a sugary sauce. Then, this butterscotch-flavored sauce can be poured on top of the white chocolate. Once the sauce melts the white chocolate, the two are mixed together, and the preparer usually places drops of the mixture on wax paper to set and cool off. Refrigeration can help with this process.

Some people use other recipes that omit the white chocolate to make these chips. In some cases, however, the omission of the chocolate means the chips don't melt as easily in baking. Additionally, the flavor may be less creamy without the chocolate.

Besides baking, there are many other ways a person might decide to use butterscotch chips. For example, an individual might melt them and use the chips in fondue as an alternative to chocolate. Some people also use them to coat apples instead of the typical candy syrup, caramel, or chocolate commonly used in making candy apples. A person might also mix butterscotch chips into a recipe for homemade ice cream. Additionally, an individual may even decide to mix these chips in with his favorite trail mix ingredients instead of or in addition to milk or white chocolate chips.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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@Grivusangel -- I've had that fudge before. It's awesome, and as long as you keep the proportions the same, you can experiment with different flavors.

I also like butterscotch chips in blondies, along with chocolate chips. They seem to play off each other so well. Butterscotch chips, semisweet chocolate chips and toasted pecans combine for an awesome blondie experience!


I love butterscotch and love butterscotch chips. My cousin makes this fudge that uses milk chocolate, semi-sweet, butterscotch and peanut butter chips. It is so good! She usually makes it for Christmas. It's the best stuff, but it is rich! Really rich. Just one or two pieces will allay any sweet craving you have.

Butterscotch chips are also good as a base for a frosting, or as a candy coating. They even do well in oatmeal scotchies, which are oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips inside. Wonderful.

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