What are Boston Round Bottles?

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Misty Amber Brighton
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Boston round bottles, also called Boston rounds, are bottles with rounded shoulders and sides. They are normally made of plastic, but are also manufactured from glass. The bottles come in many different sizes, so they can be used to store beauty products, medicines, or cooking products, among other things. These bottles can be purchased in a variety of colors and with many different types of lids, so virtually any product can be placed them.

The necks of Boston round bottles are normally very straight. They begin to take a round form just below the neck, and the sides of the bottle are somewhat rounded as well. The bottoms of Boston rounds are flat so they hold themselves up well. Even though they have a rounded appearance, the bottles are not circular in shape. This is because they are typically long yet not excessively wide.

These bottles vary in size. A small Boston round might hold one to two ounces (29.6 to 59.1 ml) of liquid, while medium-sized containers could carry up to 4 ounces (118.3 ml). Larger bottles are usually designed to contain approximately 8 ounces (236.6 ml) of material.

Boston round bottles normally have a narrow mouth. This helps keep a great deal of liquid from being spilled if they do tip over. People who buy empty Boston rounds to hold cooking products or toiletries may find it helpful to use a funnel when filling them.

The tops of Boston round bottles vary based on the intended use of them. Some may have ridges or grooves along with a screw-on lid. Those that are intended for use as medicine bottles may have a tip that screws on and acts as a dropper. Others may have a spray, squirt, or pump top.

Plastic or clear glass can be used to manufacture Boston round bottles. The material can sometimes be tinted different colors, such as blue, green, or amber. Boston rounds could also be colored black, which is usually done when they are being used as medicine bottles and the drugs they are holding are affected by exposure to light.

When they become empty, Boston round bottles can usually be washed and reused. They can normally be cleaned by rinsing them with hot water and mild detergent until all the residue has been completely removed. Placing these items in a dishwasher is not recommended. People should take care not to put food into bottles that have previously been used to store chemicals.

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