What are Blu Blockers?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams
Blu blockers block blue light as well as UV rays.
Blu blockers block blue light as well as UV rays.

Blu blockers are sunglasses made for fashion wear for those who need prescriptive sun-blocking eye wear and for sporting activities. A blu blocker lens not only blocks the UV rays, as nearly all sun wear does, but it also blocks the blue light, which tends to be more brilliant. Blu blockers can come with any type of frame.

Blu blocker lenses can be made to include a gradient. A lens with a gradient is one that has the top portion of the lens in a darker shade than the bottom portion. The reason for a gradient is that it provides the lens wearer with a more enhanced field of vision than that offered by a traditional one-hue lens.

The blu blocker lens comes in a polarized version as well as the traditional lens. A polarized lens prevents reflection from water and metal objects as well as from windshields. These type of blu blocker lenses remove scattered light rays, which often can be momentarily blinding.

In addition to the popular two-lens sunglasses, blu blockers are available in the shield variety. Shield sunglasses are made with a continuous lens. This one-piece lens covers both eyes.

While still offering the sun-blocking protection blu blockers are known for, there are even blu blockers clip-on lenses that can be easily attached to an existing pair of corrective lenses. These come in both lenses with rims and a rimless variety. They can also be found in a polarized version that offers even more protection.

Blu blocker sunglasses offer great visual protection from harmful rays, sunlight, and the effects from glares. These lenses, while providing maximum protection, are still very light in weight. They come in a huge array of styles, from the most conservative and traditional to the most stylish and trendy.

The blu blocker lens has been around for decades. Its popularity continues to grow due to the extreme eye coverage these lenses offer. Those with highly sensitive eyes often find that blu blockers are the only type of lenses they can wear when in the sun or glaring conditions, such as on the slopes skiing or when snowmobiling. Blu blockers are a year-round eye choice.

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    • Blu blockers block blue light as well as UV rays.
      Blu blockers block blue light as well as UV rays.