What Are Bagel Baskets?

Megan Shoop
Megan Shoop
Bagel baskets may feature bagels with smoked lox.
Bagel baskets may feature bagels with smoked lox.

Bagel baskets are generally gift baskets filled with bagels and bagel-related items. Most of these packages are breakfast-themed, though they may also be filled with lunch or snack items. Sending bagel baskets may be a creative way to say 'thank you' to a friend or co-worker. It may also be a thoughtful gift for honeymooning newlyweds or a welcome care package for a college student. They are often a light, playful alternative to the items typically found in wine or chocolate gift baskets.

Bagel baskets often include several flavors of bagel.
Bagel baskets often include several flavors of bagel.

Dozens of companies sell hundreds of different kinds of gift baskets, including bagel baskets. Though not quite as common as fruit baskets and other traditional gift themes, bagel baskets are growing in popularity. Some are very simple and include one or two kinds of bagels and just a few kinds of toppings. Others are very elaborate and may include everything from bagels to tins of smoked lox, whitefish salad, and recipe books.

Ordering bagel baskets for delivery may make low-maintenance gifts, but they can also be very expensive. Those looking for a cheaper alternative may enjoy putting together a basket themselves. This often ensures the items in the basket are tailored to the recipient. If delivered right away, the giver may also rest assured that the baskets’ contents are as fresh as possible.

There are many options for putting together bagel baskets. All of them must, of course, start with bagels. The giver may add one or two pre-packaged bags of the recipient’s favorite bagel flavors, or wrap individual bakery bagels to broaden the assortment of flavors. The giver must also choose among mini-bagels, traditionally-sized bagels, and square bagels. Some might only stick to one of these categories, while others might like to add a package of each to the basket.

Next, there are a variety of spreads. Cream cheese is traditional, and may be added in the form of large tubs or individual packages. Flavors generally range among fruit flavors, like strawberry or peach, and savory flavors, such as garlic and smoked salmon. Plain cream cheese is also an option, especially for baskets with more flavored bagels than plain ones. Other toppings may include small jars of nut spreads, honey butter, or preserves.

Some bagel gift baskets are all about the bagels, but others include items to be enjoyed with the bagels. A breakfast basket might include some small containers of coffee and a bottle or two of fruit juice. Fruit salad, smoked cheeses, and hummus also typically go well with most kinds of bagels.

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@spotiche5- If you are getting bagels from a bagel bakery, chances are that the shop will be able to wrap your bagels for you. Whether you want them in rolls of several bagels or wrapped individually, they will look ready for presentation in your gift basket. Just be sure to wait to get them until the day you plan to give your bagel basket as a gift. This will ensure that they will be as fresh as possible when the recipient receives them.


@spotiche5- I have a tip for wrapping individual bagels for freshness that will also give them festive looks that will be perfect in your bagel gift basket.

Get plastic food wrap in one or more of the specialty colors it comes in, and wrap your individual bagels loosely in square pieces. Leave some extra wrap at the top of each one. Take ribbon to secure it, and tie each wrapped bagel with a nice bow. This will make individual bagels worthy of gift-giving and will make the basket look like it was put together by a professional.


@spotiche5- If you are purchasing bagels from a bakery, you should be able to get them wrapped in a bag or plastic wrap to keep them fresh when you get them. If you prefer to take them home and wrap them individually, using plastic cling-type wrap will help keep each individual bagel fresh.

You can also use individual baggies with seals to wrap your bagels to prepare them for the gift basket. Though this isn't the fanciest way to wrap them, these types of bags are good for sealing in freshness.


I would like to put together a bagel basket for a gift, but I'm afraid that the bagels will become hard and dry too soon. Is there a way to prevent this from happening when you make your own bagel basket? I know that wrapping them will help, but what kind of wrap is the best to use?

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    • Bagel baskets may feature bagels with smoked lox.
      By: Lisa F. Young
      Bagel baskets may feature bagels with smoked lox.
    • Bagel baskets often include several flavors of bagel.
      By: Michael Gray
      Bagel baskets often include several flavors of bagel.