What are Anti-Blister Socks?

Janis Adams

Anti-blister socks are socks made specifically for the purpose of deterring the formation of foot blisters. The anti-blister sock is most often either made from a two-ply weave or is a compression sock. It is usually worn by athletes, though many people choose this type of sock simply for the extra level of comfort it affords.

Compression socks may help prevent blisters.
Compression socks may help prevent blisters.

By creating an anti-blister sock with a two-ply weave, two layers create a barrier for wetness. The foot getting damp and rubbing against the sock is one of the ways that blisters are formed. The first layer absorbs dampness, keeping it from reaching the foot, while the second layer, the one closest to the foot, keeps the foot dry and comfortable.

Anti-blister socks are used by runners.
Anti-blister socks are used by runners.

The two-ply weave also helps prevent the bunching so commonly associated with the traditional one-ply sock. The reason that the two-ply weave is less likely to bunch is because it is a heavier weave and so less apt to move once the wearer places it on the foot. Bunching, where the sock is uneven and rubs the foot, is another cause of blistering on the foot.

Anti-blister socks are made from a variety of different fibers to create their specifically made weaves. These anti-blister socks are often made from cotton, wool, polyester, and other fibers, both natural and synthetic. People find different fibers more comfortable than others. For this reason, there is no one right choice for consistently preventing blisters all the time. It is simply a matter of personal choice.

Another type of sock that is considered an anti-blister sock is the orthopedic compression sock. This type of anti-blister sock is manufactured in such a way as to create a compression factor, causing increased blood flow to the wearer's foot. Lack of healthy blood flow to an area of the foot can cause painful sores and blisters.

Additionally, some anti-blister socks have specially placed seams so as not create an irregularity within the fibers of the sock and where they will meet the skin off the foot. These types of socks may also have increased padding in the area where the ball of the foot will fall and in the heel. Anti-blister socks are made with any combination of the elements listed above for the purpose of creating healthy feet that remain consistently friction- and blister-free.

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Anti-blister socks were not common when I was a kid, and I'd have given anything if they were! I still have nightmares about the heel blisters I got from sneakers. I didn't wear sneakers for years because they tended to blister my feet so much.

Newer shoe construction technology has helped, but I still have to be careful about choosing shoes. Next time I get a pair of sneakers, I'll invest in a pair of anti-blister socks, just to make sure my feet stay happy.

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