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What Are Anonymous Methods?

K. Reynolds
K. Reynolds

Anonymous methods are a way of passing computer programming code as a parameter to a function that processes the data. These methods are created using the C# programming language to reduce coding overhead and eliminate the need for separate methods of programming. Anonymous methods are linked up directly to events within the programming language and operate without a name, hence the term anonymous methods. It uses keywords as a delegate, instead of a method name, therefore cutting down on the amount of code needed for the event. The purpose of anonymous methods is to present an opportunity for easier programming as it does not require separate event handlers in the programming process.

An example of using anonymous methods is frequently seen in callback events, such as a pop-up box when a user exits an application. Previously, one would need to create a separate event handler to attach to the event of an application exit. Using anonymous methods, however, one can link the anonymous operation with the event. Another way of implementing an anonymous method is by using a pair of empty parentheses after the delegate keyword. This creates a special kind of method that can be assigned to any other delegate with any signature, thus creating more opportunities for customization.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

There are several other ways of implementing these methods in events, with functions such as Find, FindAll, Remove and RemoveAll, which are used for navigation within an application. They can also be used to create lists where the application user can search for specific entries on the list. This could be a list of contacts, products in a catalog, or items in other scenarios that require the search function.

One important purpose of anonymous methods is programming aesthetics. Many C# users appreciate the overall look of the written code with anonymous hookups since it appears cleaner, even elegant to some extent. Compared with the previous practice of creating separate event handlers, these methods hold a degree of appeal for programmers.

Another purpose of these methods is to generally make applications more user friendly. These methods enable more search parameters and faster results for users within a specific application. Without an anonymous function in an application, users would have to wait a long time in order to see search results, especially for web-based resources. Anonymous methods therefore increase efficiency in applications and in turn make applications much easier and faster to use.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer