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What are Android™ Apps?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Android™ apps are applications that may be downloaded and used on cell phones that feature the Android™ operating system, owned by Google™. These applications may be free or cost a small fee, but can make a cell phone more useful and fun. There are many different types of Android™ apps for different purposes.

Some Android™ apps are fairly basic, and may be able to pull in information such as news and weather from various sources. They may be able to display weather alerts or breaking news, as well as allow one to access the Internet and read complete news stories. In addition, many applications on Android™ phones can sync with other Google™ programs, allowing a user to easily access email, calendars, or chat programs, among many others. Entertainment apps may allow users to quickly access television shows, movie clips, or quick entertainment facts.

An Android™ phone.
An Android™ phone.

Stock and finance trackers are common Android™ apps as well. There are numerous games available for the Android™ phones, making it more fun to pass the time when waiting in line. Other apps are just meant to be relaxing, and may simply show calming images such as ocean waves on the home screen. Because the Android™ operating system is open-source, anyone can create applications for it, so there are apps for virtually any idea imaginable.

Many Android apps allow users to interact with one another.
Many Android apps allow users to interact with one another.

Fitness trackers are excellent Android™ apps as well. Some may allow the user to enter the amount of time spent exercising or the amount of calories consumed into the device, which may then be shown on a chart or graph. Others may display detailed instructions as to how to perform certain exercises, and allow users to create customized exercise plans that may be referenced as needed. GPS apps may help someone find their way when traveling, or even just find their way back to a parked car.

Music apps may allow users to listen to downloaded music, Internet radio, or watch music videos. Other apps may be able to show a notification if a chosen favorite artist is playing a show near a location. These are just a few of the hundreds of Android™ apps available for download and use on Android™ phones. These apps may be found by searching online or on the phone itself; they may also be easily removed from the phone if they do not perform as expected, or if one simply wants to free up some space.

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Good post and useful, too. Android applications are the leading ones and are masters in the smartphone industry. There are a number of Android apps that help in reducing our work burden and help us perform it effectively and within our budgets, also.

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    • An Android™ phone.
      By: seen
      An Android™ phone.
    • Many Android apps allow users to interact with one another.
      By: Syda Productions
      Many Android apps allow users to interact with one another.