What are Air Hose Reels?

Lori Kilchermann

Air hose reels are devices used to keep an air hose wrapped and stored neatly. They can be hung from the wall or ceiling, depending on the model. Air hose reels are plumbed directly into the air hose exiting an air compressor. The air is fed through a fitting on the reel and then into the coiled air hose. When air is needed, the hose is pulled from the reel, and then retracted back when it is no longer needed.

An auto repair shop may use reels to protect and store air hoses for pneumatic tools when they are not in use.
An auto repair shop may use reels to protect and store air hoses for pneumatic tools when they are not in use.

Many garages can benefit from air hose reels. Tripping accidents caused by air hoses loosely coiled on a garage floor could be eliminated by installing a reel. An individual may also eliminate the expense of replacing damaged air hoses by using an air hose reel. Air hoses left lying on a garage floor can become covered in grease and cut or otherwise damaged. Air hose reels prevent this type of damage and keep the air hoses fresh, clean, and ready to use.

When painting a vehicle, the reel allows for only the length of air hose needed to complete the job to be used. A reel can help prevent the user from dragging excess air hose around and having it become tangled on the project being painted. This not only saves valuable time for the painter, it also prevents any costly repairs from the excess air hose rubbing against a freshly painted car.

Air hose reels also help prevent damage to the air chuck nozzle. This chuck attaches to the end of the air hose and makes it possible to change air tools and devices while working on a project. Many air chucks become damaged from being stepped on or having items placed on them while lying on a garage floor. An air hose reel keeps the chuck out of harm's way by holding it securely in place at the end of the rolled air hose.

Air hose reels are often part of a well-thought-out garage design. The safety, cleanliness, and added convenience of having an air hose stored out of the way and ready for use make them a valuable piece of equipment. The minor expense of installing air hose reels is offset by the longer life of the air hose, the time saved from never having to untangle the air hose, and the professional appearance of a clean and sanitary air hose system. Air hose reels can be a good addition to any working garage or home hobby shop.

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