What are Administration Courses?

G. Wiesen

Administration courses are typically types of classes or schooling aimed at teaching someone how to run or operate a business or a particular aspect of business. These types of classes may include practical financial coursework, operations of a business, inventory control, and other issues that someone running a business would want to know. They may be intended for someone looking to be a manager at a large company or for someone who wants to open a business. There are also specialized types of courses for areas such as hospital administration, educational administration, and general business administration.

Hospital administration is a specialized type of administration course.
Hospital administration is a specialized type of administration course.

General administration courses are typically aimed at teaching someone the basics of day-to-day operations and management of a business or office. These types of classes may not teach everything a business person needs to know, but they can certainly help someone get a solid introductory idea of what he or she will need to know. For example, subjects such as employee management, data entry, delegation of tasks, follow through, and reading databases can all be areas of instruction for these types of administration courses.

Some doctors may take administration courses in order to prepare them for the business side of running their own practice.
Some doctors may take administration courses in order to prepare them for the business side of running their own practice.

Other types of administration courses, such as hospital administration, can focus on specific types of industries and the skills needed to run those types of businesses. Hospital administration, for example, would typically include areas of knowledge such as insurance industry practices, information on malpractice insurance and claims, understanding the laws and ethics behind medicine, and how to run health care effectively as a business. These types of skills would not prepare someone to work as a doctor, health care practitioner, or nurse, but would instead focus on the practical business side of running a hospital or doctor’s office. A nurse or doctor might consider taking these types of administration courses to better understand how to run a private practice or survive in the hectic environment of a hospital.

Administration courses focused on education would prepare someone for running and operating a school or similarly working within a school district. Much like the hospital administration courses, these would not teach practical aspects of education such as educational theories, teacher pedagogy, or classroom management. Instead, educational administration courses would provide a person with the knowledge needed to run a school or a school district. A teacher interested in becoming a principal might take these types of courses, as well as someone looking to become a superintendent or other political figure in a school system.

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@sunnySkys - Who knows, maybe your boss will get wise to the situation on his own.

I think specialized administration courses are a must. For example, in an environment as specialized as a hospital, just a regular administration course won't cut it. There is a lot of other information know too.


Business administration is definitely a special skill, no doubt about it. Right now I work for someone who isn't an administrator by education or training.

I have to say the whole situation isn't working out too well. This guy has no idea how to run a business! We are always running out of things and we don't really have an established workflow. I wish there was some nice way I could suggest to him to take an administration course.


If you are a teacher taking courses in administration can be a big help if you want to move up the ranks into a supervisory position.

I work at a private school that teaches English to immigrants and positions that are higher up pay a great deal more than a standard teacher's salary.

Often administration courses are very affordable and can be offered part-time over several months so you don't have to worry about losing work hours to give your self and advantage in the job market.

If you have your eye on a position letting the people in charge know you have administration skills can be a good idea. Often schools love to hire from within, so you can nudge out the competition with the right schooling.


Owning a small business can be a lot of work and if you are savvy you will take some business administration classes to help you along.

Even if you have finished your degrees, courses in business administration can be eye-opening and really help you get a good grasp on what you are doing around your own office.

Most community colleges offer numerous business administration classes on a part-time and full-time basis. You can also choose whether you want to receive credits for your classes towards a greater certificate.

Getting a certificate in business administration can be a great selling point for yourself when you are trying to secure funds for your business, as it shows a level of seriousness banks appreciate.

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