What are Address Labels?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Address labels can refer to those labels with adhesive backing that identify the sender or those that identify people receiving mail. A primary examnple of using address labels is that they save the sender time spent manually filling out addresses.

Address labels can be affixed to an envelope to identify its sender and recipient.
Address labels can be affixed to an envelope to identify its sender and recipient.

Many people have return address labels, and these are easy to find and often quite inexpensive. They’re the perfect solution for people sending out lots of bills or large volumes of mail at once. Mailing an annual holiday card or letter to 200 people is a lot simpler when return address labels are employed, and even easier if people make labels for addressees too.

Some people make their own address labels at home using a label maker, and many others have turned to software that can create these. However, purchasing labels with a single address, like a residence is usually less expensive than making them at home, especially on a home printer, due to the cost of ink and label paper. People can find numerous online sites where they can order and personalize return address labels, which will give all necessary return address information and can make a fashion statement at the same time.

It is far more costly to order labels intended to be used as addressee labels, and most people do find it more convenient to make these labels at home with a label maker or a good software label creator program. The average person doesn’t send out high quantities of mail from home, so addressee labels may seldom be required. On the other hand, if a person has difficulty with physically addressing mail, typing labels and printing them up as needed may prove easier.

Those who want to create return or addressee labels at home should look through their computers for software programs that help create them. Many word processing programs like Word® do contain label creation templates. The next stop is at a local office supply store to purchase labels. Note there are many different sizes and this information is usually needed by the software to correctly size the print for labels. It may be a good idea to look at the types of label sizes recommended or offered by the software program.

An alternative is to purchase a label maker, which are also available at office supply stores. These require special adhesive paper that can be purchased at the same time. Many personal label makers are roughly the same cost as printers, so people should weigh costs to determine which is most effective. Obviously printers have greater functionality, but don’t make any sense if a person doesn’t own a computer.

Sometimes companies send return address labels to their clients as gifts, often during the winter holidays. This can be a friendly way to acknowledge a client’s patronage. Of course, many people who routinely use address labels may want their own designs that are most representative of their style.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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Address labels are those kind of stickers where they show you the address line of a family, business, or other. There are many types of address labels that you can customize however, even putting little faces of your family, friends, or even pets that you would like to.

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