Is Ivanka Trump the Most Influential Presidential Daughter in U.S. History?

Despite her high profile, Ivanka Trump is far from being the first presidential daughter to take an active role in the White House. Anna Roosevelt, for example, helped her father, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when the president’s relationship with his wife, Eleanor, became strained. Anna coordinated her father's social calendar and even accompanied him to the Yalta Conference in 1945, where FDR met with Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. Another presidential daughter, Margaret Wilson, took over First Lady duties when Woodrow Wilson’s first wife died in 1913. Margaret and her three sisters lobbied the president in favor of female suffrage and the 19th Amendment.

Daughters supporting presidential dads:

  • Similarly, Martha Jefferson Randolph assumed First Lady duties during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency after his wife died. In 1806, she gave birth to the first baby born at the White House.
  • Alice Roosevelt represented her father, Theodore Roosevelt, on a diplomatic tour of five Asian countries in 1905, coinciding with the president mediating peace between Japan and Russia.
  • Maureen Reagan lived at the White House during her father’s presidency and was an advocate for women’s issues. She was also active in politics, co-chairing the Republican National Committee.
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