In Which Country Do People Work the Longest Hours?

Mexico might have a reputation for sunny beaches and siestas, but don't let that fool you: When it comes to work, Mexicans are all business. According to statistics from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the average Mexican employee works more than 2,255 hours per year, or a little over 43 hours per week, which is the most of any OECD nation. Not far behind is Costa Rica, where workers put in an average of 42.5 hours per week. On the other end of the scale is Germany, where the average worker toils for only 26 hours per week. By comparison, British workers put in an average of 32.2 hours per week, and Americans clock in at 34.3 hours per week, on average.

All work and some play:

  • Walmart is the largest private employer in the world, with approximately 2.3 million workers.
  • Google offers its employees Olympic-size swimming pools, napping beds, miniature golf courses, and free gourmet meals, among other perks.
  • Workers in Rio de Janeiro have the worst commute time in the world, often spending more than 90 minutes each way.
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Rio de Janeiro have not 51 commuting hours per year but rather per month!! To set such lengthy commuting time into a relevant perspective........time spent in commuting in Rio de Jeneiro corresponds to two (2) full weeks of average working time for a German worker except for a single hour! Not only does this statistical commuting factoid highlight yet another crazy global inequality, but commuting is terrible wasteful both on account of human resources and equally it's having a de facto massively negative environmental impact!! //JNA

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