How Much Do World Leaders Make?

The amount of money world leaders make typically varies depending on the economy of each leader’s country. For example, US President Barrack Obama has a salary of $400,000 US Dollars (USD), about 8.3 times the gross domestic product (GDP) per person in the US for 2011. The salaries for world leaders in France, Japan, Germany, Canada and Australia also each have a ratio of roughly eight times more than the average GDP per capita of their country. As of 2010, world leader with the highest known salary was Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister of Singapore, who reportedly earned $1.7 million USD, or about 40 times more than the average citizen in his country.

More about the salaries of world leaders:

  • The president of Uruguay as of 2013, José Mujica, is reported to give 90% of his monthly salary to charity and live off $753 USD, which is the average monthly income for citizens of Uruguay.

  • The yearly salary for the world leader of Poland is about $45,000 USD, which is less than the median US household income of $53,000 USD for 2007 to 2011.

  • Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of the United Kingdom, makes an estimated annual salary of $54.5 million USD, but she does not have political authority over the UK.
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Do these World Leaders, Presidents, and Queen Elizabeth have to pay any Income Tax on their Salary? Is their tax deducted at source (TDS)? Do they have Salaried Accounts? Do they file Tax Returns?


What about the lawmakers in Nigeria?

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