How Many Escalators Are in Wyoming?

As of 2013, the state of Wyoming is thought to have two escalators in the entire state, both of which are located in the city of Casper. In comparison, the entire United States has around 35,000 escalators, according to 2013 figures from the National Elevator Industry. Each Wyoming escalator is located in a Casper bank location, whereas escalators tend to typically be found in airports and shopping centers. It is thought that perhaps the reason Wyoming doesn’t have more escalators is because many buildings are older and not equipped to hold them according to more current building safety codes. South Dakota is another state with a limited number of escalators, or an estimated six sets in 2013.

More about escalators:

  • The average US escalator is estimated to transport 3,000 people per hour each day.
  • An escalator can travel up to 2 feet (0.6 m) each second and can transport around 450 people.
  • The first escalator used for retail purposes was created by Jesse Reno and was installed in 1898, at a Bloomingdale's Department Store in New York City.
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@bythewell - I kind of want to take a kid like you to the longest escalator in the world in order to completely blow their mind.

But I think most kids go through a phase where they are fascinated by escalators and elevators. My seven year old nephew has lived in the suburbs all his life and is well used to seeing them, but he still finds it fun to ride on them.


@clintflint - I think people take escalators for granted once they get to a certain age. I lived in the country when I was a child and I was absolutely fascinated by escalators when my family took me to the closest mall.

In fact, I basically used them like an amusement park ride, walking up and down them until the security guard came and told me off. My parents were somewhat mortified and, looking back, I think I was probably seen as a bit of a country hick, but I don't care. In the right circumstances an escalator can be seen as somewhat magical and I'm sure a lot of the children of Wyoming would agree with me.


I noticed the title of this article and read it to my mother who jokingly said that she thought there were only three escalators in the whole state of Wyoming. It was kind of hilarious to find out that there were even fewer than that!

I suppose that's the only reason someone might be asking that question though, and it makes sense that there would be an extraordinary answer.

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