How Is Lebanon Different from Other Middle Eastern Countries?

Many people have the wrong idea about Lebanon. Yes, this country located along the Mediterranean Sea is part of the Middle East, but you won't find any camels or desert-dwelling nomadic tribes there. In fact, the country that 4.5 million Lebanese call home is the only Middle Eastern nation without a desert within its borders. Instead, there are mountains, fertile valleys that produce fruits and vegetables (much like California), and, when it gets cold enough, there is snow, especially at higher elevations.

A country like no other:

  • Summers are long, hot, and humid in Lebanon, and the winters are typically cold and wet. You could take a refreshing dip in the sea in the morning and hit the ski slopes in the afternoon.
  • Christians are welcome in Lebanon and amount to about 40 percent of the population.
  • Relics from the Roman Empire abound, including the tallest Roman columns found anywhere in the world.
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