How Generous Is Sweden’s Parental Leave Policy?

Sweden’s parental leave policy is among the most generous in the world. Mothers and fathers are permitted up to 480 days of leave from work after the birth of a child. Fathers are allocated two months of paid leave, and the parents get to choose how to split the remaining time between themselves. And once Swedish parents go back to work, they can opt to reduce their hours by 25 percent until their child is eight years old. It isn't uncommon for Swedish employers to allow parents to arrange their own work hours.

More about Sweden’s parental policies: :

  • The Swedish government pays parents a monthly child allowance known as barnbidrag to help with childcare expenses. The allowance is 1,050 Swedish krona per child (approximately $118 USD).
  • Schooling is provided free of charge for children from preschool through upper secondary (aged three through 19), including free lunches.
  • In Sweden's capital, Stockholm, and other large cities, parents who push their children in strollers or prams are permitted to ride public transportation for free.
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