How Effective Is Propolis for Herpes?

Madeleine A.

Using propolis for herpes may be effective in relieving symptoms because it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Also known as bee glue, propolis is a waxy substance produced by bees that may have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. A strong antibacterial, propolis may enhance the immune system and is commonly available in capsule form, as a mouth rinse, and liquid.

Propolis is a waxy substance produced by bees.
Propolis is a waxy substance produced by bees.

Genital herpes is caused by a virus and is sexually transmitted. Using propolis to treat herpes may decrease the severity of an outbreak and propolis cream or ointment may heal the infection quicker. When oral propolis preparations are used in conjunction with propolis extract, anti-herpetic properties may even be more evident.

Propolis has been used to repair the damaged tissue of cuts and scrapes.
Propolis has been used to repair the damaged tissue of cuts and scrapes.

Taking an oral preparation of propolis for herpes is a popular alternative treatment for the virus. Anti-viral medications used to relieve symptoms can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Sometimes these side effects are so significant that it causes the patient to give up treatment. Although the herpes simplex virus is chronic and cannot be cured, it can become dormant. The herpes virus is also responsible for chicken pox, shingles, and cold sores.

A blister caused by herpes type 1.
A blister caused by herpes type 1.

Since using propolis for herpes has been shown to relieve symptoms, it has been studied for other uses such as treating cancer and treating wounds. Propolis cream may have the ability to hasten the healing process and repair the damaged tissue of cuts, sores, bruises, and scrapes. In addition, propolis cream may help mild burns heal faster. In fact, it has been shown that just a single application can help speed healing of damaged epithelial tissue.

Individuals with genital herpes are able to donate blood as long as they are feeling well.
Individuals with genital herpes are able to donate blood as long as they are feeling well.

People suffering from herpes should not self-treat themselves with propolis unless their health care provider determines that it safe to do so. By foregoing or delaying conventional treatment for the virus, the patient may be putting himself at risk for complications. Herpes can resolve on its own without treatment, but resistant strains may be difficult to manage without anti-viral medications.

Bee propolis also contains amino acids, vitamins, and flavonoids. Substances known as terpenes and phenolic acids are also found in propolis, though their effectiveness in treating herpes is not fully understood. Even though propolis is considered generally safe to use, the risks and benefits of taking propolis for herpes needs to be discussed with a physician before treatment begins. Minor skin irritations such as redness, swelling, and irritation may occur when using propolis cream.

Condoms may be ineffective against genital herpes.
Condoms may be ineffective against genital herpes.

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Hello everyone I want to appreciate the great work of Dr. Ehoh , I have been diagnose of herpes simplex virus for years,I’ve lost all hope and that there is no cure and I have been taken medicine to sustain myself till I got to know about Dr. Eboh through a friend who he cured of Hiv. I contacted him and he sent me his herbal remedy which I took as he directed me to do for some days and I went to the hospital after consuming his Herbal medicine and I was confirmed Herpes Negative after years of pains and suffering , it is indeed a miracle,Dr.Eboh holycurecenter@ is a great man, I have heard so much about how he has help lot of people, if you have any issue you can contact him for help.via: holycurecenter@ or add him on whatsapp can contact me for more information via: holycurecenter@


I applied liquid Propolis directly onto my genital herpes. Although I feel immediate relief, it is so sticky that I couldn't get it off my fingers without using nail polish remover. Now it is all over my genital region, and I cannot find out how to remove it from broken skin.


In addition to propolis, I think that other bee products like bee pollen and royal jelly might also be beneficial for herpes. They're worth a try.


@ddljohn-- I use a propolis ointment but I have genital herpes (herpes type 2). It's working very well for me. I apply it directly on the blisters and they heal faster. I think the ointment also has anti-inflammatory properties because it reduces pain and discomfort as well.

I should get the supplement too though. I'm sure that using them together will be even more effective. I would love to prevent my breakouts and I haven't been able to find any remedy that prevents blisters so far.


I just bought a honey and propolis supplement. It's basically propolis extract in honey. I have herpes type 1 and get cold sores frequently, especially in winter when my immunity is lower. I'm going to eat some of my propolis honey regularly to see if it will help with my cold sores.

Is anyone else using propolis for herpes? Is it working for you? Are you taking it as a supplement or using the cream topically?

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