How do I Write an Office Assistant Cover Letter?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
An office assistant should have excellent phone etiquette and experience with clerical work.
An office assistant should have excellent phone etiquette and experience with clerical work.

Many people who search out office assistant positions do not have higher education degrees and may have limited work experience, so writing an office assistant cover letter can be frustrating. The best way to start writing the letter is to read the job description carefully and determine which of your experiences and skills will show that you are the best candidate for the position. Highlight key words in the job description and use those words in your cover letter if possible. Remember to research the proper cover letter format, and proofread your office assistant cover letter several times before sending it out.

Start your office assistant cover letter by greeting the employer by name if possible. Be sure to note why you are interested in the position, and if you were referred by anyone within the company, be sure to note that in the first paragraph. You will want to keep the office assistant cover letter brief and to the point, so limit yourself to three paragraphs at most. In that first paragraph, after your greeting and other notes, be sure to note right away why you are the best candidate for the job. Cite a specific skill, experience, or level of education that will showcase your ability to be the best office assistant possible.

Briefly describe the skill or experience that fits best with the employer's needs. Go back and look at the highlighted words or phrases and determine which of your skills and experiences will most suit the employer's needs. Describe that skill or experience, but avoid too much detail; you will be able to expound on this item during an interview, and your resumé may feature even more information about the skill or experience. Give examples of past successes if possible, such as a time you were praised or otherwise recognized for your hard work.

If you have no previous experience as an office assistant, your office assistant cover letter will need to convey your skills that would suit you for the job. This can be tricky, but not impossible; note other jobs that may have been comparable in difficulty or even more difficult, and explain how those jobs prepare you for the office assistant position. Be confident and firm with your language, and avoid using phrases that will convey a lack of confidence or certainty. Tell the employer why you are the best candidate, not why you "think" you are the best candidate.

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I am terrible at writing cover letters. Can someone point me to some cover letter examples or ideally a cover letter template? I think if I could look at cover letter samples my own letter would be much better.


I have had a few office administrator jobs and in my experience the best way to grab a new employers attention with your cover letter is to be honest and direct.

I always spell out my education, the software I have mastered, my words per minute and any other skill that I can express quantitatively. An office administrator is a practical job. They are not looking for a go getter or a person with a bubbly personality. They are looking for people who know what they are doing and can get things done. Be honest about your skills.


The most important thing to consider when writing a cover letter for this or any type of job is to check and recheck your spelling and grammar. Nothing can disqualify you faster than a carelessly misspelled word or a missing apostrophe.

I have a friend who works in HR and she told me that this is how she begins ranking candidates from the very start. the way she figures it, if an applicant can't take the time to turn in a polished cover letter for a job they want, how will they ever turn in quality work once they get the job. So do yourself a favor and be your own harshest editor.


I think it's important to think outside the box a little bit when you're writing an administrative or office assistant cover letter.

They are reading a whole bunch. What makes *you* different? I had a friend who went from teaching to office management with a cover letter that used humor about her teaching experience and the pressure she worked under as a middle school teacher.

You may not have that much work experience, but did you volunteer at a day camp? You could talk about learning to communicate with customers (parents). Hiring managers are often looking for flexibility, calm under pressure, the ability to learn new things, and a good attitude as much as specific skills, and the cover letter is your place to show what you *do* have.

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    • An office assistant should have excellent phone etiquette and experience with clerical work.
      By: zhaubasar
      An office assistant should have excellent phone etiquette and experience with clerical work.