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How Do I Write a SWOT Analysis Report?

Marco Sumayao
Marco Sumayao

The first step in writing a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis report is to draft a short recap of the project for the benefit of individuals who might not be familiar with it. You should then examine strengths and weaknesses as related to the project — any current systems in place, the company's resources, and any other internal factors that could be useful to the project should be included in the SWOT analysis report, with accompanying explanations. Study any external factors that could affect the project's outcome, such as the current economic climate, and list them down under opportunities and threats. Close the SWOT analysis report with recommendations on how to maximize strengths and opportunities while minimizing weaknesses and threats in a concrete action plan.

An introduction to a SWOT analysis report should illustrate the project and how it can be beneficial to the company's business objectives. This will allow you to determine whether or not the project is worth a strategic planning session. If the project has been proposed previously, the introduction should be kept as brief as possible, highlighting only key points of the project.

A SWOT analysis is a tool that can be used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a business or individual.
A SWOT analysis is a tool that can be used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a business or individual.

Under strengths, identify any internal factors that prove useful to the project. If the company is currently the market leader for a particular good, for example, examine how the product's popularity could be used to increase the project's chances of success. In the same vein, identify any possible weaknesses inherent to the team that could compromise a successful execution. If the company is an established brand in only a single region, for instance, the lack of exposure in other areas could be detrimental to a wider-reaching project.

The opportunities portion of a SWOT analysis report should detail any external factors that could propel the project to higher levels of success. If the product addresses a certain seasonal need, selling it during that particular time of year could maximize returns on the project. Individuals experiencing a sudden boom in popularity could be utilized as a spokesperson for the product. The threats portion, on the other hand, should identify external circumstances that could hinder success. For instance, a similar product currently out on the market might cut into the potential sales of your product.

A good SWOT analysis report will end with detailed recommendations for action. Include clear-cut plans on how to make the most of the company's strengths and how to capitalize on any opportunities present. At the same time, create methods on how to possibly turn weaknesses into assets while creating contingency plans for threats.

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How often does a SWOT analysis need to be updated? Does one analysis cover the entire duration of a project, or is the plan always being analyzed and revised?


I had to write a SWOT analysis for my small business a few years back and I had no idea where to start. I went to my local library and was able to find a number of books that were related directly to writing a SWOT analysis. They were really helpful, and once I was able to look at some examples and figure out what was required of me it made doing the analysis a lot easier.


Doing a SWOT analysis can be boring and tedious but it is also necessary for any organization looking to grow or change.

Understand all the variables that can impact your project is crucial for success. Otherwise, you are just setting yourself up to be deflected by the unexpected. How do I know? Because there is always an unexpected.

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    • A SWOT analysis is a tool that can be used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a business or individual.
      By: wellphoto
      A SWOT analysis is a tool that can be used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a business or individual.