How do I Value a Vintage Les Paul?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Like other electric guitars, the Les Paul works with an amplifier.
Like other electric guitars, the Les Paul works with an amplifier.

The Gibson Guitar Corporation took strides to develop the first commercially successful electric guitars in the world. Since that time, they have maintained the high quality and exceptional craftsmanship that have made Gibson guitars popular throughout the decades. As a result, Gibson's most popular model--the Les Paul--has developed something of a cult following, and vintage Les Paul models often skyrocket in value. Some factors determine exactly how much a vintage Les Paul is worth, and it may help you to take some of the steps mentioned here to ascertain the value of your own vintage Les Paul.

As with any instrument pricing, your first stop should be the local guitar shop. Your local guitar experts may be able to help you determine the model, condition, and various nuances of your vintage Les Paul, thereby lending you valuable background information on your instrument should you choose to pursue an official appraisal. The more you know about you guitar, the less likely you will be to accept a lowball assessment.

After visiting your local shop, do your homework. Learn as much about your particular instrument as possible. It will be important for you to understand when your guitar was built, what materials were used, what electronics are inside your guitar, and so on. Research on the internet to find out as much of the production history as possible so that you know your instrument inside and out before putting it in the hands of an appraiser. When in doubt, contact someone directly at Gibson Guitar Corporation.

The next step in assessing the value of your vintage Les Paul is to contact an authority on the subject. The best way to find such an authority would be to contact Gibson Guitar Corporation directly. They may do a direct assessment, or they may refer you to an outside guitar appraisal expert such as Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee. An appraisal may cost upwards of $50 US Dollars, but this cost may be offset by the value of your guitar. Many vintage Les Paul guitars sell for tens of thousands of dollars, so if yours is in good condition, you may be in for a treat.

Once your vintage Les Paul guitar has been appraised, it might be wise to get a second opinion. While this may not be necessary in most cases, a second opinion may prove invaluable if you intend to sell your instrument. Because of the high price tag on most vintage Les Paul guitars, you will want to get the most accurate assessment possible to get the true value of your instrument. Try getting an official Gibson Guitar Corporation appraisal as well as an appraisal from an outside company. This should give you the best idea of how much your instrument is worth.

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I have a modern Gibson, but a vintage Les Paul is something I have wanted for a long time. I don't really care about the money, but I want to know that I'm not overpaying when I actually purchase one. Is there a way you can get one appraised before you buy it?


I heard that vintage Les Pauls could be quite valuable. I have one, and I think it's probably worth a lot of money. Thanks for the tips, as I'll be getting it appraised soon.

I don't think I would ever want to actually sell it. It was my first guitar and I can't imagine parting with it. It's more that I just want to know what it's worth. However, if I'm ever in the situation where I need to sell it, I'll know what to expect.

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    • Like other electric guitars, the Les Paul works with an amplifier.
      By: SeanPavonePhoto
      Like other electric guitars, the Les Paul works with an amplifier.