How Do I Use Vase Lights?

Helen Akers
Helen Akers
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Vase lights can be used to add decorative flair and color to most types of vases. Besides traditional vases, lighting can be incorporated into wine or cocktail glasses. Several styles and colors of vase lights are available, including lights that alternate between two or more colors.

There are vase lights that can be placed underneath centerpieces in order to create an illuminated display. Most of these lights are small, tea lights that can display a single color, such as white or blue. These lights work best with clear vases that show what their contents are. Flowers or potpourri can be highlighted with the use of vase lights while creating an LED effect.

Some vase lights are available in several colors. They can be programmed to periodically change between two to three colors. These types of effects can enhance the appearance of floral centerpieces. They can also add variety to large social events that use of several display tables.

Decorative and colored vases are used with these LED lights for entertainment purposes. Besides parties, company dinners or award functions, they may be used in nightclubs to add to the interior's visual appeal. Lights can be used at wedding receptions or to decorate an office or private home. The lighting is safe for both indoor and outdoor patio use.

Lighting can be placed under vases that sit on wall shelving, too. It provides a safer alternative to candle lighting and might be used under empty, clear vases. Lights small enough to fit under vases could also be used beneath candle holders that are covered with decorative lace and film. Vases on enclosed patios can also benefit from LED lighting.

Besides those that sit underneath the vase, some vase lights come in cube or other forms that are placed inside. Some decorators fill up large cocktail glasses with these cube lights and use the display as a table decoration. The lights give the illusion of colored "ice cubes" in the glass. Single or multiple colors can be used.

Using a combination of cube lights and vase lights that sit underneath is an additional option. When a single color is used, it might add even more illumination to a vase and its contents. A multicolor effect could be tried as long as complimentary colors are chosen.

Vase lights can be used in place of traditional table lighting for events that occur in dimly lit locations. Movie theaters or theatrical productions may consider the use of vase lighting. Some restaurants might use the small lights to create a theme or enhance its atmosphere.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book