How do I Use Loose Cubic Zirconias?

Mary Ellen Popolo

There are many different ways to use loose cubic zirconias. A few ideas include jewelry making, decorative embellishments for clothing, accents for the home, and for various arts and crafts. Deciding on the best use for your gems depends upon how many stones you have, the shape of the stones, and their colors.

A man inspecting a piece of loose cubic zirconia.
A man inspecting a piece of loose cubic zirconia.

Cubic zirconias are most often found in jewelry, so making jewelry out of your loose stones is a natural choice. Earrings can be made out of matching pairs of zirconias, either with a single stone in each earring or multiple stones. Several loose cubic zirconias, matching or contrasting, can be strung together to create a bracelet or necklace, or grouped together to make a pin or pendant. Gemstones can also be used to make hair barrettes, combs and headbands. Jewelry making supplies can be found in most craft stores as well as online, but for those who prefer to let a professional create their pieces, look for a jeweler who is skilled in crafting jewelry.

Cubic zirconia.
Cubic zirconia.

Creating decorative accents for your home is another use for loose cubic zirconias. For example, place them in a bowl, apothecary jar, or vase and display them on a table, shelf, or counter. There are several different ways of combining cubic zirconias with candles. Use them to create a table centerpiece by scattering them around several pillar candles on a candle tray or placing them in the bottom of a floating candle holder. Zirconias can also dress up votive or pillar candles if affixed to the sides of the candles.

Embellishing clothing, shoes, purses, and household items with loose cubic zirconias is another way to make use of your gems. Adding a few zirconias to curtains, towels, lamps or clothing can give them a whole new look. For example, create a monogram out of stones for guest bath towels, place a line of zirconias across the bottom of bedroom curtains, or use the stones to edge the rim of a lamp shade. Ideas for decorating clothing include adding zirconias to shoes or purses, collars of shirts, or creating a design with the stones on a shirt or blouse.

Stones that have a relatively flat back will work best if you plan to glue them on other items. You may need to use special glue to ensure that the gems are secured in place and not damaged. If your stones do not have a flat side, they are probably best used for making jewelry or to make home decor items that do not require that they be affixed to other objects.

Loose cubic zirconias can also be used for crafting. Small stones can be used on scrapbook pages or for card making. Gems can be used to decorate photo albums, hand crafted picture frames, jewelery boxes, and trinket boxes.

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