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How Do I Prepare for the Praxis™ Online?

T. Broderick
T. Broderick

There is a variety of ways to prepare for the Praxis™ online. The first, and perhaps most valuable resource, is the "Test at a Glance" document provided by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the company that makes the Praxis™ tests. Depending on the popularity of your upcoming test, many free resources may already exist. Though these resources come in a variety of forms, many focus on the key points each test covers along with brief lessons to refresh knowledge. Besides free resources, you should not forget that studying for the Praxis™ online includes finding the best physical study materials sold by online retailers.

For each of its Praxis™ tests, the ETS provides a Test at a Glance document on its website. This document provides key information such as the length of the test, number of questions, the topics the test covers and sample questions. After viewing this document, you can better gauge your strengths and weakness concerning the test. While using other resources to study content knowledge, the Test at a Glance becomes a valuable checklist where you can mark off already studied topics.

For each of its Praxis™ tests, the ETS provides documentation on its website.
For each of its Praxis™ tests, the ETS provides documentation on its website.

If you are preparing to take the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Praxis™ or another test in one of the four key teaching areas (mathematics, science, English/reading, social studies), finding free online study tools should not be difficult. Along with providing the same information in Test at a Glance, some websites provide a wider variety of sample questions, all from past Praxis™ tests. Something to look for on these websites are time management tips. These tips can be especially important for the PLT, a two-hour test that includes both essay writing and multiple choice questions. You should remember that studying for the Praxis™ online is just as much about improving test taking skills as improving content knowledge.

Studying for the Praxis™ online has become much easier due to the amount of resources available from teacher education programs across the United States. As taking the Praxis™ is a necessity for teachers in 24 states, colleges and other educational organizations have made online Praxis™ study guides tailored to the primary content areas. In most cases, these study guides come in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or website originally designed for the students of a particular teacher education program. Free to view online, these documents and presentations provide a detailed overview of the specific material a test covers.

Preparing for the Praxis™ online means more than just using online resources. Besides the Test at a Glance, ETS provides many Praxis™ study books and other study materials only through its online store. Other online retailers sell similar materials created by various test preparation companies. In many cases, buying these materials online is advantageous, as you can read reviews posted by previous test takers before making a purchase.

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    • For each of its Praxis™ tests, the ETS provides documentation on its website.
      By: Adrin Shamsudin
      For each of its Praxis™ tests, the ETS provides documentation on its website.