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How do I Make the Most of Cubicle Space?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Many office environments make use of some sort of cubicle system, which allows them to provide semi-private space to many employees in one central area. Making good use of the cubicle space that you are given can provide you with an environment that is homey and comfortable yet functional and productive. To accomplish this goal, you might use vertical storage, desk organizers, functional furniture pieces, and you can incorporate plants and decorative elements to give the space more personal style.

When you are at work, you might want things in your cubicle space that will make your time more productive, more fulfilling and less stressful. A key issue for many people in their cubicle space is adequate storage. Given the size limitations of cubicles, it might be a good idea to make use of vertical storage. Many companies make shelves that attach to cubicle walls or sit on desks, providing you with ample space to store things. Papers, books and many other items might be placed on the shelving to remove it from a place on the desk or the floor, giving you a more tidy work environment and an open feel to the cubicle space.

Office cubicles.
Office cubicles.

Desk organizers might be another great way to organize your cubicle space. Things such as pens, pencils, paper clips, notepads and other office supplies often have no real place on a desk. Desk organizers provide you with a space to keep them all organized and at the ready for any task that may arise.

Having the right furniture might be another important aspect of creating functional cubicle space. Cubicles are sometimes small, and making sure to use the right size of furniture is very important. Furniture that is too large might make the cubicle feel small and boxy, but a desk that is too small will not provide adequate working space. Also look for furniture that is ergonomically correct, resulting in furniture that might help alleviate or prevent some common office ailments, such as carpel tunnel syndrome.

Cubicles in an office building.
Cubicles in an office building.

Plants and other personal touches, such as photos of family members and friends or artwork, might help create a more homey and comfortable cubicle space. Many people feel that it is easier to work in a cubicle that makes them feel at ease. In addition, plants might help provide cleaner air and more oxygen in your space.

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@Scrbblchick -- I feel you. I could have two dozen vertical files on my desk and still have a messy cubicle. I try to bulldoze every three months or so. If I don't need it after three months, it's officially garbage and goes into the recycling bin.

I have a cabinet in the back of the building where I can also store stuff, and it has come in handy. Once in a great while, someone will want something I have in that file and it's good to have it available.

But the best way to maximize cubicle space is to keep it tidy. I have to force myself to do that.


I'm the world's worst about keeping a neat cubicle. I really need to do better, though. But I'm kind of a pack rat by nature and I'm always afraid I'm going to throw something away that someone is going to want to see for some reason.

I need to clean up the hard drive on my computer for the same reason. I need to get a couple of DVDs and purge my hard drive to clear some space, and then defragment it. It really needs that, too.

If I had just one more drawer at my cubicle, I could probably keep the mess in some semblance of order. Looks like it's time to do some housekeeping again. Sigh.

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    • Office cubicles.
      By: Jesse Kunerth
      Office cubicles.
    • Cubicles in an office building.
      By: dbvirago
      Cubicles in an office building.