How do I Make Peach Iced Tea?

Jessica Hobby

One way to spice up your iced tea, when you are bored with the traditional lemon, is by making peach iced tea. Although sugar and artificial sweetener may be used in peach iced tea, the natural sweetness of peaches is a healthy substitute. The easiest way to make peach tea is to add peach nectar to traditional iced tea, but there are many other ways to make peach tea that will enhance peach flavor.

Honey and lemon can add flavor to peach iced tea.
Honey and lemon can add flavor to peach iced tea.

The first way to make peach tea is by combining two packages of peach gelatin with one cup (201 g) of sugar, a half cup (118 ml) of powdered orange drink, a half cup (118 ml) instant tea, and a half cup (236 ml) of lemonade with one cup (236 ml) of boiling water. Stir the ingredients until they dissolve completely. After combining all the ingredients, add cold water until the peach tea is at your desired strength.


This recipe may be altered by using one box of gelatin, one cup (236 ml) of instant tea and two cups (402 g) of sugar. The best way to make this kind of peach iced tea is by taste. Adjust the amount of gelatin, instant tea and sugar to your likeness for the individual flavors. Artificial sweetener may also be used in place of sugar, however, make sure to be familiar with the strength of the sweetener. Some sweeteners measure the same as sugar, whereas other sweeteners require only half the measurement to achieve the same level of sweetness.

If you prefer more of a natural peach tea, boil six cups (1.4 L) of water and dump it over six of your favorite kind of black or green tea bags and three peeled and sliced peaches that are in a sauce pan. After the tea and peaches have steeped for five minutes, strain the tea into a pitcher and save the peaches. Add honey and lemon juice to your liking. Refrigerate the tea and peaches separately. When they are both completely chilled, place a few peach slices in a glass, pour the tea over the slices and garnish with a sprig of basil or mint.

If you are craving peach iced tea and don’t have the time to make a natural or semi-homemade version, there are many products that can help you speed up the process. One alternative is to buy peach flavored tea bags that can be brewed and chilled in the same fashion as traditional iced tea. Another alternative is to buy instant peach tea that can be mixed up in cold water in seconds.

Although a personc an added sugar or sweetener to peach iced tea, the peach makes the tea naturally sweet.
Although a personc an added sugar or sweetener to peach iced tea, the peach makes the tea naturally sweet.

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My grandmother lived in Georgia and she had a peach tree in her backyard. The peaches that it produced were some of the sweetest and most flavorful I have ever had. She used to pick a peach and then slice it up and put a few slices in everyone's tea glass.

The peach sweetened the tea in a natural way and also imparted some of the peach flavor. The taste of the tea was more authentic than any other flavored tea I have ever tried. It makes Snapple peach iced tea taste like diet coke.


There are lots of tasty premade peach flavored iced teas. If you go to most large grocery stores or convenience stores you can find them.

I think that there is a crystal light peach iced tea that even comes in a powder. You can keep a pouch in your purse or backpack and then you can enjoy iced tea any time you have access to water.


Where can I buy peach nectar? I have never even heard of it until today. I love peaches and am always trying to incorporate their flavor into other dishes. It sounds like it would be a lot easier if I could get a hold of some peach nectar.

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