How Do I Make a Paper Snowflake?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson
A craft knife can be used to make the precise cuts necessary for some snowflake designs.
A craft knife can be used to make the precise cuts necessary for some snowflake designs.

Making a paper snowflake can be a fun craft for children or adults. Paper snowflakes can make excellent decorations over the winter holidays because they are easy and fun to make and they are inexpensive or free depending on if you already have the required supplies around your house. All that is necessary is a pair of scissors and a sheet of plain paper or a paper plate, however additional decorations such as colored paper, glue, and glitter are optional.

In its simplest form, a paper snowflake is made from a single plain white sheet of paper. It is perfectly possible, however, to make a beautiful paper snowflake by layering many sheets of white or colored paper for a three-dimensional effect. Frequently, ice blue and white shades of paper are used to make icy colored snowflakes, however, some people enjoy using brighter, more unusual colors as well. Sometimes, a finished snowflake is glued onto a contrasting background sheet to add sturdiness and make the finished project more visually striking.

To make a simple paper snowflake, begin by folding a square sheet of paper in half from corner to corner so the paper now looks like a right-angle triangle. If you are using a standard sheet of paper, first cut the extra space off so you are left with a square area instead of a large rectangle. A paper plate can also be used to achieve more rounded edges and a stiffer snowflake. When your paper is folded in half, fold it in half again by bringing the two corners that are not at the right angle together. Some people stop here, however a more intricate, detailed design can be achieved by continuing to fold the paper into smaller and smaller sections.

When you have finished folding the paper, take the scissors and cut shapes and patterns out of the sides of the folded paper triangle. Remember not to remove an edge completely or your paper snowflake will fall apart into sections when it is opened. Cutting off the tip of the triangle will create a hole in the middle of your unfolded snowflake. If you unfold the snowflake and are not satisfied with the finished product, you can always fold it back up again and keep cutting more designs into the paper. When you have finished cutting, you have the option to add additional decorations such as colorful glitter, a contrasting background sheet of paper, or anything else you can think of.

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When I watched the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time, I loved the part when Jack Skellington, the main character, tried to cut out a snowflake and ended up getting things like Halloween spiders every time; I thought it was pretty funny.

Of course, when I was a little older and learned how to make paper snowflakes myself, I wasn't any better than Jack. I still like Christmas paper snowflakes, though, and they're an easy way to decorate and get kids to help you.


I am no good with paper snowflakes. I don't have the hands, I guess, to work all the details of really good paper snowflake designs. It's fun to try, though, every so often, I just don't always display them proudly like when I was a kid.

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    • A craft knife can be used to make the precise cuts necessary for some snowflake designs.
      By: Theo Malings
      A craft knife can be used to make the precise cuts necessary for some snowflake designs.