How Do I Make a Mosaic Table?

Lori Kilchermann

Making a mosaic table is a multi-step process that starts by selecting a table and ends by applying sealer over the mosaic tiles and grout. A mosaic table may be made using only a handful of supplies, including tiles, adhesive and grout. The pattern can include your choice of colors, and be as intricate, abstract or structured as you would like. In addition to the table top, mosaic tiles can be applied to several flat surfaces on the table.

Woman painting
Woman painting

Start your mosaic table project by selecting an appropriate style of table to mosaic. Choose a table the right size and height for your intended space. If the table is wobbly or needs repairs, these should be completed before the mosaic process begins. If the table is the desired color or finish, you are ready to start. If it is not, paint or stain the table the desired color and allow it to dry for a few days before applying mosaics.

Determine what type of pattern to use on your table, then select the tiles, stained glass and objects in the desired colors to use to create your mosaic table. Cut or smash the tiles to the appropriate size to be able to create your pattern. Use a glass cutter or tile nippers to break the pieces into the appropriate size.

Be sure the surface where you are applying the mosaic tiles is free of dirt and dust. Spread adhesive glue onto the wrong side of the pieces and apply them to the table's surface, creating your desired design. In addition to the top of the table, consider applying mosaic tiles to other areas of your table that feature a flat surface. These areas may include the legs, a drawer front or around the outside edge of the table. Allow the pieces to dry thoroughly before continuing.

Grout should be mixed with water per the manufacturer's instructions. It is applied by spreading it over the tiles and gently pushing it down into the cracks and crevices between the mosaic pieces. A damp sponge is used to clean the grout from the top of the tiles on the mosaic table while not disturbing the grout between the tiles. The sponge should be rinsed repeatedly as the tops of the tiles are cleaned off. Once the process is complete, the grout should be allowed to dry for several days before a clear sealer is applied to the mosaic table.

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