How do I Make a Crochet Bag? (with picture)

Josie Myers
Josie Myers

A crochet bag is a lovely project for beginners and veterans alike. They can be as simple or complex as desired. Shapes and sizes can be easily determined as the project is crocheted, making it easy to customize a crochet bag for a particular use.

About two balls of yarn are needed to crochet a bag.
About two balls of yarn are needed to crochet a bag.

Crochet veterans can enjoy making complicated patterns without the time involved in a blanket. Simply choose a crochet square pattern that is appealing and make as many blocks as necessary to produce a bag of the desired size. Sew together the blocks into one side of the purse and then create its equal to the reverse side. One four inch (10.1 cm) block can make a small lipstick pouch, while four sewn together can make a nice 16 inch (40.6 cm) tote for books. Add a liner if desired, and sew on a handle for an easy bag.

For the beginner, a simple straight crochet bag can be gussied up by crocheting several colors at the same time, or switching out colors with each row. Yarn distributors like Lion Brand Yarn have many ideas for stitches and bags available for free on their websites. A quick web search for "easy crochet bag" will bring back many ideas from drawstring bags to beach totes.

To create a simple basic bag, crochet artists can follow these customizable instructions. An average bag will take about two standard sized balls of yarn. A crochet hook ranging from G6 to H8 will work well depending on how open of a stitch is wanted. The larger the hook, the more open the stitch. If trim is desired, a small amount of a different color of yarn will be needed as well.

This crochet bag can be as large or small as needed. First, the bottom needs to be created. This is done by chaining a row as wide as desired for the bottom of the bag. This sets how much the bag will be able to hold. For a standard handbag, about 5-8 stitches will do. After chaining the starting stitch, turn and single crochet into each of those stitches. Turn and repeat until the desired length of the bag is reached. A handbag will take about 20 or so rows. When the bottom is complete, it will look like a rectangle.

To begin the sides, do not turn after the last stitch. It is a good idea to place a marker on this corner to see where the rows will begin and where they should end. Begin single crocheting into the length of the rectangle and continue around the perimeter of the entire bottom. When the marker is reached, the new row can be joined or the stitches can simply continue in single stitch spiral until the bag reaches the desired height.

When it is complete, an edging trim can be added to the top row. This trim can be a similar color, contrasting color, or a fancy yarn like frayed edging. Simply crochet a single stitch of the new color around the top edge, or use a fancy edging pattern like a popcorn edge or picot pattern.

The finishing touches on the bag depend on how fancy the crochet artists wishes to be. For the easiest way to make a handle, a store purchased handle can be sewn on to the inside edges of the bag. If desired, a fabric liner of a coordinating fabric can be sewn in. Little accessories like buttons or iron-on patches can also be added for extra style and personalization of the newly crocheted bag.

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My friend has a crocheted bag with a place on the outside where she can insert photos. She has pictures of all her grand kids in these photo slots and is very proud to carry this bag with her.

Finding crochet bag patterns is very easy to do. You can find free patterns on many websites and many craft stores will have free patterns on the back of skeins of yarn, or on small instructional brochures.


I have a personalized crochet tote bag that a friend gave to me as a gift. This is a beautifully designed bag that I take with me a lot of places. She purchased a decorative handle and attached to the bag which adds a lot of character.

If you know how to crochet at all, learning how to crochet a bag is not hard. Making the bag really doesn't take that much time, but the fun part is being creative in how you decorate the outside. You can add all kinds of embellishments to really personalize it.


Depending on what you intend to use your crocheted bag for will determine whether you want to have an inside liner or not. In most cases, it is nice to have this, so small items won't fall out of the bag.

If you are making a crochet handbag, you will probably want to include this extra step. Even though it takes a little bit longer to do this, it makes your handbag much more versatile. Shopping for matching material can be fun, and can often be found where you purchase your supplies.

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    • About two balls of yarn are needed to crochet a bag.
      About two balls of yarn are needed to crochet a bag.