How do I Identify a Tramadol Addiction?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tramadol, a pain reliever that may also be called Ultram® or Ultracet® has a lower addiction profile than many other pain relievers. This doesn’t mean people can’t become addicted to it or overuse the drug. People most at risk for tramadol addiction include those who take it on a regular basis to treat chronic pain and those who have a history of substance abuse. Yet, others may become addicted to Tramadol too, particularly if they use it without recommendations from a doctor.

Signs of a tramadol addiction may include an individual's use of several pharmacies to obtain the drug.
Signs of a tramadol addiction may include an individual's use of several pharmacies to obtain the drug.

There are some similarities in structure between tramadol and morphine, though morphine has a much higher addiction profile, and there is particular danger in overusing many forms of the medication because it also contains acetaminophen. Overuse of acetaminophen can quickly damage the liver, and this action can be accelerated if a person concurrently consumes alcohol.

Tramdol withdrawal symptoms may include sweating.
Tramdol withdrawal symptoms may include sweating.

It should be understood that many people need to take tramadol on a regular basis in order to control serious pain as might occur from conditions like neuralgia. Regular dosage of this medication can create dependency. Dependency shouldn’t be considered the same as addiction, particularly when patients take the medication exactly as prescribed by doctors. If at some point tramadol is no longer needed, doctors and patients can evolve a plan for safely coming off of the medication.

Someone with a tramadol addiction may obsess over when the next dose can be taken.
Someone with a tramadol addiction may obsess over when the next dose can be taken.

Tramadol addiction is very different than dependency. Some of the signs of this would include:

Tramadol withdrawals may include insomnia.
Tramadol withdrawals may include insomnia.
  • Using the medication in a manner not prescribed
  • Taking more of the medication than prescribed
  • Reporting lost medication in order to obtain more
  • Asking for refills long before refills would be due
  • Using several doctors and pharmacies to get more tramadol
  • Stealing the drug or asking others who take the drug for a few pills
  • Thinking about or obsessing over when the next dose can be obtained or taken
Tramadol isn't as addictive as other prescription painkillers, but it still carries a risk of dependence.
Tramadol isn't as addictive as other prescription painkillers, but it still carries a risk of dependence.

Those suffering from tramadol addiction are also likely to experience withdrawal if they cannot get the medication. Withdrawal symptoms can range from minor to severe. They could include an increase in pain, sweating, anxiety, tremors, diarrhea, insomnia and hallucinations.

Usually tramadol addiction must be addressed in two ways since people become physically and emotionally dependent on the drug. Of first importance is helping people get through initial withdrawal symptoms, but even when the worst of these are over, many still crave the drug and have used it as a way to cope with most of the problems in their lives. This means it is helpful for most people to participate in a drug treatment program so that they can learn how to reconstruct their lives without having to use tramadol or any other potentially addictive substance. Drug treatment programs can take many forms and include regular outpatient meetings with groups like Narcotics Anonymous, or they can be inpatient programs of a certain length where folks work on conquering emotional addiction and understanding how to overcome it.

Those who are concerned about tramadol addiction should speak with their physicians. Physicians can help determine which methods are safest for reducing and finally ending intake of this drug, while the person experiences less severe withdrawal symptoms. Programs offering ultra rapid detox, which quickly exits the drug from the body and ends physical addiction, best serve some patients. However these people will still require follow up work with a drug treatment program.

Tramadol withdrawal can cause feelings of depression.
Tramadol withdrawal can cause feelings of depression.
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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I too have been taking tramadol for a year and half and most I've taken is three a day. I really want to stop. It makes me feel relaxed and sort of not stressed out with the problems of everyday life but at the same time makes me feel sort of emotionless and when I don't take it I feel irritated and frustrated with small things, I have headaches, hand tremors, confusion, bad OCD...

I really want to stop this, but don't know how I can avoid all the bad side effects that come with it.


I have been off and to on this for many years. On more than off. The usual pattern is I will wean down some, then after a while increase my dose. The most I take is two pills twice a day.

I have low energy, and I loved the pick me up it gave me. It was legal and my doctor gave it to me. When I felt that I developed tolerance, I would cut down. Then when I increased my dosage, I felt on top of the world.

I noticed that my doctor decreased the quantity of the prescription. Once upon a time, I worried about an addiction, and my doctor said that I was dependent, not addicted. She told me if I was in pain, they were fine. Funny, she forgot about that as she told me that I could become addicted the other day. Really? I’ve been on them for 10 years. I am freaking dependent on them! However, at the most, I only take four pills a day. That seems like a lightweight compared to what I read others have ingested.

So the other day, I told my doctor that I take them routinely now. I will take between 75 - 100 mg in morning and 50 - 75mg in afternoon. She told me to only take them as needed, as they are addictive, and I can become addicted.

These last few days, I weaned to 75mg in the morning, then 25mg in the afternoon. Today, I took my 75 mg and am going to not take a second dose. I hope to continue this until next week. Then, I hope to go down to 62.5 mg in the morning and do that for one week. Then, I want to cut down to 50 mg for one week, then 25 mg one week, then 12.5 mg one week, down to 6.25 for one week, then 6.25 every other day for one week, then be done.

Maybe that is a little too much weaning. I recall my coming off in the past was down to 25 mg then I quit. I can't remember the last time I was off of them. I think it was in 2006. I weaned myself then went on Naprosyn.

My rheumatologist started me with these years ago. I took them for arthritic pain. It just became a habit that I started to take them routinely. I can't say that I have pain. My thinking was preventing pain. Crazy, I know!

What is really hard is that I was just dropped off Lunesta because my insurance will no longer cover it. My doctor gave me a prescription for Ambien. They only last five hours for me, then I have a hangover the next day. I miss Lunesta. I was able to get seven or eight hours of sleep from it. I am going to miss my Lunesta more than my Tramadol.

Oh, another crazy thing: my doctor said that she would like me to try low dose naltrexone. Isn't that just trading drugs?


Guys, the first thing to do when you decide to quit Tramadol is never to challenge it and say, “I can stop fast!” It will never work like that. I used to be a heavy Tramadol addict. And I can help you stop it with simple steps that will never make you feel anxious about it no more.

The first thing to do is buy sleeping pills (helps magically to sleep at night and skip the horror of withdrawal symptoms). This step is very crucial and is a must. Use Dormicum or Stilnux.

The second thing to do is buy anti-diarrhea medicine. This is very necessary in order for you not to get bad diarrhea

Now with these aforementioned steps, we skipped the primary nasty symptoms and you will never suffer from them. Still, when you wake up in the morning, you need to take care of the horrible body feeling of anxiety and a nervous system.

You need to take three Tramadol pills. It will help you skip the nervous system shakes and agitation. It’s OK with three, but no more than three, and drink hot coffee with it. It will help you live your day free from Tramadol’s nasty withdrawal symptoms.

Now you keep on taking the sleeping pills the next day, along with the diarrhea pills and three 50 mg Tramadol pills once you wake up on an empty stomach.

Keep doing this until day five. On day five, when you wake up, take two Tramadol pills with black coffee. Keep taking the two Tramadol pills every morning for four days.

On the sixth day, you take one Tramadol in the morning and you spend your day walking or doing activities outside your home. On day seven, you keep taking the one pill every day for five days. Then you wake up and don’t take another pill. You will feel symptoms of a mild flu but it's O.K.

Then comes the good part. You start eating healthy snacks, milk, yogurt and water but don’t stop the sleeping pills until it’s been three weeks. Then you will leave Tramadol behind forever without worrying about the suffering.


My daughter has been taking this for nearly a year. She is taking about 10 a day. I am scared for my grandson. She gets really aggressive and yells at him when she is on this. I confronted her about it. She lies to me and tells me she is not taking very much. is my grandson safe with someone taking his medicine. Her personality changes. She also takes Klonipin and Zoloft.

I think she might be bi polar and is using medicine to try and feel normal. Since she was about 18 she has abused alcohol. She doesn't drink this anymore. What should a mother and grandmother do or say?


I take Tramadol daily for back pain. I have taken it for eight years or so now. I usually take one 50mg tablet per day, but up to four on bad days. I feel very fortunate to feel the way I do. I recently stopped taking this as my supply was running low and couldn't reorder yet. I wanted to have it later on when I know I'd have more pain.

Instead, I have taken the hydrocodone that my doc wants me to have for when I have really bad pain. I actually determined that a relative was stealing my meds, which is why I was low and shouldn't have been. I counted my pills before and after his visit and confronted him on the difference. This also explains other perceived tramadol shortages from his mom. That has prompted my research into why he would take them. Many of the symptoms people discuss are ones that fit. Thank you all for your stories!


I take over 30, 50mgs a day. I have been turned down from the hospital twice because it is labeled a non-narcotic. I went into a five day detox and outpatient meetings afterward.

After a day off of Methadone I got in detox. I was suffering too much and took some Tramadol I had hidden well. My wife threw away over 100. My doc gave me Codeine to take 30mgs three times a day It does nothing. I can only get a 15-day supply at a time because of my insurance knowing I'm an addict.

I wish I had stopped when taking 8-12 a day. I did quit once, but depression got to me and I didn't want to start drinking.


Tramadol helps me a lot and you can easily find it online. If you are suicidal while you are on it you may want to ask your doctor for a low dose anti depressant. Also, take St John's Wort with it. If you have withdrawals, take a double dose of robitussin.


I have lower back pain and it's intense. I take about four 100mg tabs at once. They are the 100mg slow release and I'm now dependent on them. Every day I have pain -- absolute agony. I'm going to up the limit to 300mg and see where that takes me. I get all warm and fuzzy when I'm high on them and a good feeling with all the pain gone.

I'll see my specialist during the week to see what he thinks.

I can say yes I'm addicted. Is it a problem? No way. Does it control me? Not really. If I don't have them, I don't go looking for them. I just wait until the pain is too intense, then I go get a scrip.

I slightly abuse this drug by taking more than what I'm directed to but that's all. I don't go taking this for fun.


I was given 90 tablets of tramadol last May 2011 by my doctor for neuralgia.

I have taken about 70 tabs over the past 13 months when I have bad pain. I find that two tabs at one time really helps, but I take them only when necessary.

I am wary about taking them every day though, because of some of the stories I read on here.


Oh dear Lord. I am on day three with no tramadol and I cannot lie still, cannot sleep, cannot breathe, cried all afternoon, and this stinks!

I have been taking 50 mg. one to three times a day for three years. I was given the meds by our military clinic doctor because I couldn't take hydrocodone for a back and hip issue.

My husband is on the same dose of 50 mg, but takes six a day for a spine injury from the war. He is also trying to come off them. We are both failing miserably. I thought it would be no biggie but boy was I wrong.

We don't have any in the house or I would be fast asleep right now. I am thinking if I can just get through the next few days I may not even pick up our refills. Two military doctors have given me this for three years with three months worth of refills. Now the new major (doctor) says I don't need them. Thanks, jerk. I am suffering big time.

I was always told they were class 1 narcotics and not addictive. I never over used them, never. Now I feel like a junkie. This is bad. I pray for all of you out there going through this right now. This is the devil's drug.


I took Tramadol 325 mg. I took only half of one pill, and that is all it took for me to have hallucinations. I never had any side effects like this before with any medication I have ever taken.

I was floored and couldn't wait until the effect went away. I can't imagine how bad it could have been if I had taken the entire pill. Within about half hour I had no pain, (I pulled a muscle in my back) but then out of the blue, as I closed my eyes and didn't even fall asleep at that point. I started having hallucinations.

It was pretty scary. I was helpless to stop it. I kept telling myself sleep it off and it will go away faster. I fell asleep and woke up a few hours later. I woke up with the same hallucinations over and over again. I eventually fell asleep and woke up six hours later, and the effect wore off. Thank God.

I immediately called the pharmacist and asked him what kind of medication is this? He told me it's rare, but from what I have been reading here, it isn't so rare after all. Needless to say, I never took them again!


I guess I'm doing pretty good, at the most I take 150 mg total during a day. I'm supposed to take 50 in the morning and 50 at night, however, it does not really do anything for me. This medication is like just about anything else. You can become addicted to just about anything.

My favorite addiction was to caffeine. I gave it up almost a year ago. You can give it up. Keep in mind, addiction and dependency are not the same thing. Just because the pain returns when you stop taking the medication, if your taking the medication for the pain that is not a dependency or an addiction. However, if it is not working, talk with your M.D. rather than increasing the dose.


It's nice to know I'm not the only one to have sleep disturbances because of this medication. Sometimes I can't sleep at all, sometimes it's more like locking up where all that time is wasted without providing rest, while other times I have some of the scariest dreams imaginable. In one instance I entered a dream before it was ready and witnessed the specific processes the mind goes through when constructing a dream sequence. Nobody is ever supposed to see that. It was one of the scariest things anyone could ever imagine. Now I don't take tramadol 12 hours or less before bedtime.

I haven't really experienced the addictiveness or the withdrawal symptoms described here. I can start or stop at will without any adverse effects, beyond increased pain from my underlying problems. We all experience medications differently.


Five years ago, my sister held down a full time job and was also a housewife with three children, laid a patio, changed the tires on the car and decorated the house. Gradually, severe back pain took hold from a childhood injury and tramadol was prescribed.

Now she is a shadow of her former self. She has no interest in her ever-patient husband or three beautiful children who have lived the past five years without their mum because sleep is her only escape. She is totally disinterested in anything going on in her children's lives, leaving me to cater to some of their needs.

I hate what this drug has done to my sister and the rest of the family. I can't see any way out for her, since she is unaware of how this is affecting the rest of the family. I'm crying as I write this for the lost years she and her children have endured. Also, the suicide attempts times three. What effect this has on the children, not knowing if their mum will be alive when they come home from school. It's heartbreaking.


Look online for information about Khatima plant that can help you through withdrawals from opiates. I have never been lucky enough to have any when I am trying to detox, but Tramadol is great for withdrawals. I have tried that. It's what they use in “ultra rapid detox” to wash the opiates off the receptors in your brain. It works.

But be careful. I never take more than 6-50ms tramadol at a time (more than that could cause seizures). People taking more than 10 at a time have problems I have used tramadol many times. It is great.


I have been taking somewhere between 400-500 mgs a day for a little over five months, but when on them I feel happy, focused, outgoing, and more loving to friends and my girlfriend. I know it's wrong to take them and I want to quit but I see no positive reason for doing so. When I don't take them, I get chills and am unhappy and unfocused. I need help.


All right, enough of the whining. I too, was an addict to many things and overcame each and every one of those things, tramadol being one of the more minor addictions. Each of the addictions that I found myself with I knew had the potential of being habit forming (some prior to the invention of the internet thus I could not look them up). Nevertheless, I took the stuff and paid the price through this thing called “withdrawals”.

As for prescription medications, here is some very practical advice; 1) Discuss the drug with your doctor when he writes the prescription. 2) Ask what the side effects are. 3) Don’t accept the prescription if you don’t like the side effects. You are the one paying the bill, so you are the boss. 4) Ask for an alternative medication with less side effects – they are out there, people. 5) Talk to the pharmacist when you have the prescription filled. They know more about the drug than the doctor – that’s what they do.

I read some blogs that want to blame the doctor, but look: you are the one who did not ask the questions, you are the one who did not do your homework on the medication, your are the one who put it in your mouth and perhaps, you are the one who decided to take a larger dose that prescribed. Thus, you have some culpability in your addiction.

Not once did I ever blame anybody but myself for what I did to myself. I did it to me. I guess the point here is, you people want to tell your story (and if it makes you feel better, fine), but I think some of these stories are embellished so that it sounds better than the previous. In the meantime, while you are trying to top the previous story, you are placing an unnecessary fear in other people reading the blogs. A word of advice for the readers: don’t use blogs as a source of help. Remember, those people writing in the blogs are no smarter or better off than you (including me).

I do wish you all luck in overcoming whatever addiction you may have. I only ask that you take responsibility for yourselves, seek help from credible sources, and examine all options. Your efforts will pay off.


I have been taking this god awful drug for two years. I now take nine each three times a day. I so want to quit but I have tried several times and by day three I want to kill myself. It's good to know that others have gone through this and beat it. I want to stop. I am scared.


I'm blown away by this drug. I have used and tried vicodin, percocet, oxycontin, dilaudid etc, recreationally and for various injuries. I was on Vicodin off and on for years for a neck injury!

Anyhow, when I broke my ankle a few months ago, the pain wasn't that severe so I asked for something other than vicodin, because vicodin makes me kind of witchy and agitated. So enter Tramadol! I would take one to three 50mg per day, sometimes up to five, maximum. Didn't find it super effective on pain, but it totally killed my appetite which I loved, but I just ran out and have been in hell since Saturday afternoon. What? I thought this was some sort of lower grade non-narcotic pain reliever; they prescribe it to my dog for pain, for God's sake!

I have never had withdrawal symptoms from any drugs. With Vicodin I would just be really sleepy for a day or two. I can pick up a refill of Tramadol tomorrow and I know I will, but damn this drug is bad news! I'm going to try just taking it every other day or so now that I know what this feels like! Any thoughts on that? And those brain zaps, what is up with that? Peace guys, and thanks for the sharing.


I thought I was going mad until I read everyone else's posts.

I recently had spinal surgery and suffer from arthritis and regular bouts of sciatica for which I was prescribed amongst other things Tramadol. After 30 days in the spinal unit, I returned home and decided to go cold turkey from the 30-plus tablets I had been taking on a daily basis. Not a good idea as within hours I was climbing the walls, suicidal and suffering from the most horrific and terrifying panic attacks.

I am not the type of person who even takes as much as a paracetamol for headaches but knew I needed to take something. I contacted my GP who while very sympathetic, agreed that the Tramadol were the most appropriate meds for my pain relief. In addition he gave me beta-blockers to try and sort out the panic attacks.

Since then, I have taken both sets of pills morning and bedtime. One of the 80mg beta-blockers and two 50mg Tramadol. On occasion I have forgotten to take my meds and within hours have felt awful. Until reading other people's experiences, I aways thought it was due to the beta-blockers but after questioning a 2nd GP he confirmed they are non-addictive funnily enough, he also gave me a renewal script and didn't think to mention that the Tramadol could be the culprit.

The longer I go without the Tramadol in my system the worse I feel, the panic attacks return and I have such a lack of motivation and energy that I am physically and mentally unable to even move from my bed, look after my kids and home or generally function at all.

In the past six months, I have lost weight, have sleepless nights and see my life happening around me but without me being aware of what's going on most of the time.

I am due to go back to work in a few weeks and am dreading it. I have been advised by my physiotherapist to increase my Tramadol intake in order to compensate for the expected pain caused by the additional stress on my body from the physical exertion will be under.

I am hoping one day to find an alternative but in the meantime I am glad not to be alone in this.


I have been doing T for a long time and there are times when you can take so many they don't work anymore, but they do get you higher than any crack or heroin that i ever tried.

This drug is a demon that wants to kill you dead. I promise you and I speak from experience. I'm off of them now, but before i quit I was taking five 50mils every hour, every day. I was a junkie, buddy. You will get skin sores and you won't give a crap about anybody but yourself. stay away from this junk.


I have been on Tramadol for six years.Occasionally I have not taken it for two weeks at a time. No withdrawal and no problem whatsoever. I think many people are addicted in the mind but not physically. So they come up with all these symptoms.


i have been on tramadol for about four months for chronic back pain. I only take 300mg a day and also mersyndol forte at night for the pain. About two times i have run out and not been able to get another script for about two days. The first day is OK then it hits day two.

My chemist told me that she would not have the pills available until the next day (day three) and i just burst into tears so she advised i go to another chemist to get them. I had an aching body all over, hot flushes and i felt suicidal.

i do not abuse the drug. i take only what is prescribed and i fear the day i want to come off it.


When i was completely debilitated by migraines, tram was all that would help. Now imitrex does, but the tram is still in me. when i stop, my back hurts and twitches all night, and I can't sleep or think. I'm cold. Stomach is upset. I have to take one 50 at night to sleep plus ambien.

I'll get off it this week because i must and be a smarter person. once in awhile for migraine is probably OK, but be careful since it does feel good.


In post after post, people seem to say the drug is really helping with their pain but they want to get off because they are afraid of becoming addicted. But why not just stay on it if it helps?

I've had fibromyalgia for 21 years and was recently prescribed Tramadol after suffering with it severely for the last two years. Guess what? It helps! I'd rather live like that than in constant pain.


Been off Tramadol for three days. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness absolutely unbearable. The doc never told me about the side effects, never said I should wean myself off. I was only taking 50 mgs three times a day for RA. I feel like I am going to lose my mind. I have no concentration, no willpower. this is awful. Should I contact my doc and let him know how I feel?


I'm a strong-willed person who enjoys her fair share of parties. Yes, I am a recreational drug user, but I'm one of the responsible ones who does them only when there's little to no danger involved.

I took 400-600mg tramadol a day for a week and quit cold turkey two days ago.

Withdrawal sucks, but I know I'll come out on the other side and learn from my mistake.


I am in the UK and I was given Tramadol, 100mg 4x daily slow release. Also Diclofenac, Diazepam and Gabapentin. I have been on large doses of all for six months.

I had run out of Tramadol at Christmas, so I thought it would be OK. I would just be in more pain than before until I got my meds.

It was horrific. I was sweating, shaking, 200 bpm heart rate, twitching, delusional, crying, screaming, seeing things, suicidal towards the end. We rang the 24/7 doctor line and they said, don't worry go bed, come get some in the morning.

I went for three days cold turkey, but never again.

This week I have withdrawn again, 1x100mg AM & 1x100mg PM. I have just sat up all night, my mind is racing, my heart is pounding, but I want to be off this so I will sit it out.

I am training to be a Psychotherapist and Meditation Therapist. Meditation (mindfulness mediation) has helped in the not too bad times. I wish everyone well. It is a comfort to know you're not going stir crazy! lol


I took Tramadol for about five months for a back problem. I was not informed by my doctor it was or could be addictive, which looking back now, is just terrible. I would never have taken it had I known. I stopped when my back got better (from seeing an osteopath, not taking drugs!).

The withdrawal was awful. I felt so agitated all the time, had insomnia, shivers, very similar to heroin withdrawal. I kept going cold turkey and after a week or two it subsided and the horrible feelings went away, though I am left with restless leg syndrome as it's legacy. Anyone who is struggling to quit, keep trying, the horrible feeling won't last forever and coming out the other side is way better than satisfying your craving by getting more.


I was prescribed Tramadol by my doctor after being diagnosed with sciatica. She explained that Tramadol could be dangerous for ex addicts, so i lied to her and said I had never had a drug problem. She said that Trams were a "synthetic opiate" and being an ex-heroin user, I said, "yeah, give them to me." She also prescribed Carisoprodol, which is very similar to Valium.

The Tramadol label said to take 1 pill, up to 4 times daily as needed. So of course i took 4 at one time..and 2 Carisoprodol. It's been 2 weeks, and I took less yesterday, and started having those familiar withdrawal symptoms last night.

I just thought "here i go again.." I'm not looking for sympathy as this is my own doing, but i just want to warn others out there that Tramadol is dangerous and addictive, just like heroin or oxycontin etc. don't play around with it, or you will regret it.


Just wanted to put in my $.02 and say that a taper (-25mg/week from 600mg/day) combined with Valerian root extract supplement (1gm 3x daily and before bed) is allowing for an almost symptom-free withdrawal. A strong faith and the constant thought that it will get better and that you can be drug free is key.

With this program, my stomach is still a bit of a mess, I have a episodes of brain zaps and that feeling of just not being right, or just outside or reality (if you've been through wd/s you'll know what I mean) throughout the day. Over-the-counter Doxylamine Succinate works to help with sleep.

Good luck and God bless all of you who are attempting to end your use. I know it's not fun but we all remember what life was like without it, and I would venture a guess that most without debilitating chronic pain would agree that life was better without. Be strong, keep prayed up, and know it can be done.


I have a wife, and three kids. I'm 40 years old, and fractured my spine four months ago. I've been on the tramadol since.

I was given no indication of any addiction problems, but over the past month, I've been going downhill with no energy, tired, lack of interest in anything, including wife, kids, work, house, tv or anything except bed.

My pack ran out about 30 hours ago and thought i would just stop and not renew the prescription. Wow. I feel awful: sick, depressed (never felt before) cold then sweating-all after just four months. I feel i am quite a strong willed person so whatever happens i will not renew prescription. I just trawled the net and found this site (and others). I can't believe i wasn't informed of this in this day and age. i will refuse to take this or anything else to help.

Any idea how long i can expect to feel like this? Thanks for any prospective help. Everyone else: good luck!


I began taking Tramadol six weeks ago - 50mg 2x day. I stopped using Tramadol one week ago. I have since had hot flashes, mood swings, sleepless nights. Should I have tapered off this scary pill? How long will it take to be out of my system?


I never thought i would have any one or any where to be honest about my addiction to tramadol! Reading everyone's posts has been a real eye opener for me.

I take 20 pills at least three times a day. I panic when I'm only down to 50 pills or so! Literally panic! I've attempted several times to quit but Holy crapola! I have never felt to horrible!

I have really put my family through a lot of crap because of this and I do suffer from seizures now but that hasn't slowed me down one bit. The only thing seizures do is piss me off because I have to take another 20 to get that crappy feeling to go away. This started as a pain killer for me and a year and a half later, here I am. I never thought that I would be in this spot -- never!

This drug keeps me going daily and has now broke the bank for me! All of you who were able to quit: congrats! I do mean that from my heart and envy you! For the rest of you who are still struggling, hang in there! I'm terrified to talk to my doctor because if I ever needed anything for pain again then I would be screwed! Besides my pain is chronic and I will need something for the rest of my life; it's just unfortunate that my tolerance built up so much so fast. Will I ever be normal again?

The post from the chick who said that God helped her. Thanks for that because right now that's what I'm relying on. We'll see how it goes.

Take care, all of you! Keep strong and write here when you are down and low because I know exactly how you feel. Big hugs! (thanks again to each of you for writing here, it really has woke me up to know that my addiction is a bit over the edge, and I've been living in denial for too long.)


reply for post 40: Thank you for your good advice. after learning from a terrible 'cold turkey' eight years ago i knew to withdraw slowly this time but by what dosage I've been unsure of, especially now i am down to 100mg and finding it hard. i tried to cut out 50mg a few weeks ago and had to update because i couldn't stand the withdrawal symptoms. they were so intense.

however i am now on soluble tramadol as opposed to the capsules i was taking so i intend to titrate small amounts. i will follow your advice and see what happens. so thanks again.


Reply to No.41 (anon132985): about three days. Even if you take it for a week and then suddenly stop it, you'll feel bad for two or three days, though in your case, if you never exceed 100mg per day and after that ask your doctor to reduce your dosage slowly you may not have much trouble.

If, for example, you're taking it for one month, then you should spend another one month reducing your dosage slowly. anyway, my suggestion is that it's better to replace it with some non-addictive painkillers.

once a doctor gave me a pill it was a mixture of Paracetamol and diclofenac, and it worked good for body ache. you can ask your doctor to give you that or something else if they didn't work then switch back to Tramadol and never ever raise your dosage by yourself.


Eeep. I've just been given some tramadol by my doctor for my back.

He has prescribed one 100mg cap, twice daily. I just took my first cap couple of hours ago and it seems to be working for the pain.

After reading this though, I really don't think I want to be on this stuff at all. How long can I get away with taking this stuff for without ending up in its clutches?


I've stopped taking tramadol after four years of taking it with no pain or depression, and I'm willing to tell you how.

First of all, forget about cold turkey quitting because first of all it's more dangerous than taking it, and second, it makes you feel unbearably awful!

First of all I should tell you two things, first, that depending on your dosage, quitting it with no after effects take a long time, I used to take 900mg a day at my peak, and it took me one and half years to quit. and second, be sure that you really want to quit it from your heart, not on force.

Okay, here we go: if your dosage is more than 500mg per day, you can start reducing your dosage by 50 mg, each two weeks or each week if possible until you reach 500mg per day. during that period, don't reduce from the dose you take after waking up and before sleep preferably. it makes it easier for you.

after you reached the 500mg per day mark, then start reducing 25mg, each two weeks or each week if you see you can handle it easily. if you see you can't handle it, first of all, be aware of one thing, for most of us a huge part is in our head, it's about power of suggestion. in a person who takes 400 or 500mg per day reducing 25mg each two weeks will not do anything to your body.

in my case, sometimes I didn't feel like reducing, so for example I stayed on 300mg per day for two months and then reduced 50mg instead. you can do it like this for the times you are under stress or you simply don't feel like reducing your dosage, just be sure to not add to your dosage again in that period.

you can go on with reducing 25mg each two weeks until you reach about 150mg per day. after that, make the reduction like 25mg each month. and after you reached 50mg or 75mg perday, use pill cutters to create even smaller dosages. then reduce about 15 mg each two weeks, why again to weeks? Because at this point by my experience, you've passed a huge part of your detoxification without any withdrawal symptoms, and after you reached to less than 50mg, reduce 10mg each week or two, and when you reached 25, do it by 5 mgs each week.(you don't have to be accurate in cutting your pills).

in my case when I reached about 30 mg per day, it took me a month to quit it completely. but don't hurry at any point of this process, take it slow to avoid any after effects. and I should add that during the time your reducing from 300mg to less than that and at the end of the point, it's good that you make yourself busy, surrounded with friends, or better than all go to a trip. this makes it even easier.

hope that helps, just know one thing, it's quittable, and you can do it without suffering any pain. I did it by myself, so you can do it too. Peace.


this post is for anon131028 post number 38.

i am the lady who wrote post 37 and i would like to answer your question by saying, yes absolutely, people kicking tramadol do get better. maybe the psychological dependence will last longer than the physical withdrawal symptoms but in the end everyone gets better if they stick at it.

ironically, before i found myself on this tramadol again, i did numerous interviews for magazines and tv on how bad these drugs can be. i never thought i would have to take it again lol.

as for how you are feeling, i do feel sorry for you and understand how lonely you are. when someone is an addict or just suffering from the withdrawal it consumes their lives and unfortunately the lives of their family.

i know it must be hard but when your husband wants to quit then support him, which I'm sure you will and once he is free from this drug your lives will be different. you'll have your husband back. i would suggest that because this drug can have horrendous withdrawal symptoms try to find as much support for you as well as your husband.

All the best.


I just found this post. My husband has been on T for I think, about 5 years. Our marriage has suffered greatly.

I'm now going to support meetings to help me cope with my loneliness and disgust for this terrible hold tramadol has on my husband. He has considered going to an NA meeting. I'm trying to hold on a little longer for him to see the light of needing treatment.

These posts have been very helpful to read. I'm seeing I'm not alone. This drug is dangerous. All my husband and I do is talk about his use of Tramadol then he goes to sleep. I'm sick of feeling alone. Do tramadol addicts really get better?


Eight years ago i was prescribed tramadol for frozen shoulders. back then i never knew pain killers were addictive so i willingly took two 50mg capsules four times a day (plus a few extra in the night when the pain was so severe it woke me up).

however, after eight weeks of doing this i started to throw up and feel unwell. my family doctor told me it was probably the tramadol so he abruptly took me off of it. two days later my whole world feel apart. i couldn't keep still (not even for five minutes) i was so agitated and anxious, i was violently shaking, hallucinating and the way i felt was so terrible that by day six i tried to kill myself.

needless to say i was admitted into a psychiatric unit where i spent eight weeks withdrawing until i felt back to my normal self. i swore at the time i would never take tramadol again!

yet here i am eight years later, after hand surgery, trying to withdraw from it again. this time however I'm fully aware of the dangers with going cold turkey and i have been withdrawing gradually even though I've only been on it for ten weeks. the problem is that even though i have been doing this i am still having withdrawal symptoms.

i am now on 50mg in the morning and 50mg in the evening. the doses are twelve hours apart but by about nine hours i am slightly agitated, anxious and feel just the same feelings as when i cold turkeyed but to a less degree, still horrible though.

i am now wondering how i will manage when i am only taking one 50mg a day or when I'm on nothing! i know its not going to be easy but its scary and even though i am no stranger to withdrawals (i also did a five year withdrawal from valium which was used to relax my frozen shoulders). i am terrified that i will end up suicidal again.

tramadol is wonderful for pain and yeah it does give you a nice floaty feeling but the withdrawal effects for most people are horrendous, even withdrawing slowly!


I was on tramadol for six years. My mother originally started to give it to me saying that it was "good to give energy". when i first started taking them it was good because I was able to clean, take care of a baby, and study for nursing school.

It's been a struggle since then, especially since while being a nurse I herniated two discs lifting patients in the hospital. Of course, doctors gave me more tramadol.

I feel like two different people on this. When i have it i feel happy, calm, energized, and nothing really bothers me. It works like an antidepressant with its uptake of serotonin and norephedrine. That's why it's so hard to get off.

Anyway, every time I tried to get off, i would get so frustrated that I would eventually start again.

I started to go back to church. As a new Christian, I've found out how much God hates it when we fog up our minds with any sort of drug. It's just not how we were created. I noticed that when i did get off before for several months, my mind was so much clearer. I was actually smarter. I thought things through and loved who I was.

Being on the tramadol is like being in a fake body. Yeah, it blocks the pain, but in return it controls you. You don't control it.

Recently, I've tried to get off and I couldn't. I would lie around and be very irritable with my daughter and husband. I had no choice but to ask God to please help me. I cannot do this alone. Lord, if You are really who You say You are, take this from me. This is evil.

Guess what? I'm currently not on the tramadol. I don't have cravings. When I start thinking about it, I ask God to take it away.

You don't have to "religious" to do this. But just really give yourself up to the one and only creator who loves you. Pray that He can take this away and you will see something that is truly a miracle.


I have been taking tramadol by prescription for over two years now and at the moment I have no more left, panic isn't the word to describe how i feel.

I do want to stop but this feeling is overwhelming. the shakes, cold sweats and all i can describe as a metal breakdown is very hard to do. I just hope i can ride it out like some of the others on this page.


A while ago, my doctor prescribed tramadol after a stomach surgery. The pain was so bad and the drug definitely helped. What went wrong was I feel slowly addicted to Tramadol 100mg pills and ate them like candies daily at the slightest pain. Sleep came but the nightmares were intense.

Finally, I went cold turkey and the withdrawal symptoms were: sweating profusely, insomnia, pain all over the body, pounding headaches, and leg tremors. To substitute Tramadol, I took paracetamol and that helped calm down the addiction a bit. Also paracetamol will make you drowsy and the sleep will come later. Drinking lots of water and walking daily did the rest.


I am sitting here in the middle of the night wondering why I don't sleep, why I feel aches all during the day, heart pounding and just generally feeling terrible.

I had surgery on my spine three months ago and was given tramadol, 100mg three times a day. Was down to 100mg at night but stopped three days ago and all hell broke loose. I just want to put my head down and sleep but when I try its nothing happens and my whole body aches.

I was looking for explanations when I found this site. I will have to last it out for another few weeks and then I should be back to normal. This is from taking the stuff for only three months.


I've quit several times. I've done cold turkey, long wean off, and quick wean off. I choose to go back on them because they do help with my pain!

The best advice I can give you is: come up with a wean off plan, get over the counter meds to help you through the first week. I got 5-htp for the anxiety (this is my fave it works great), imodium is a must for cramps and stomach issues.

If your anxiety is really bad, try taking 5-htp, GABA, and valerian root together. Also, L-tyrosine. Now, the L-tyrosine makes you anxious but it helps a lot with the depression so the trick is, take the stuff to mellow you down and stuff to help your mental alertness that way you feel more balanced.

I have to say that I have no idea if the combo above is "healthy" or if they should be mixed at all but it worked great for me and my depression was almost non-existent.

I was taking almost 20, 50mg pills a day and came off of it successfully seven times! I hope this helps! Also, stay hydrated, force yourself to go for a walk around the block, eat healthy (if you don't feel like eating, buy protein shakes, that's what I did). A spoonful of honey is great for a morning energy boost!


I am addicted to this drug. Lately I have been taking six to eight per day on average. It is addicting.

I don't even have pain but take it for the high and when I tried to stop I got so sleepy and lethargic that I needed more to boost back up. I am going to try weening myself off with the help of an outpatient detox program.

Note, I also used to smoke marijuana practically daily for five years but quit in November 2009. I started up on the Tramadol in Feb 2010 and of course the doses continued to increase more and more as the months went on. I'd love to hear more people's advice on Tramadol and helping with this process. Thanks!


I've taken tramadol for just over one and a half years. I have chronic pain that's gone on over 20 years, due to herniations scoliosis, arthritis, spinal lesions and tumors, and let's not forget the muscle spasms that go along with it.

After all the narcotic withdrawals, destroyed relationships and job losses, my doc put me on -yep you guessed it tramadol-- the narc which isn't a narc, the miracle drug-crap.

After a career in both architecture and medicine, now I'm reduced to disability and depression wishing I could work again. I didn't realize tramadol was so addictive as I never abused it, but one day after being off it for a while, that old withdrawal feeling started to set in and I was beside myself.

The stuff works marginally at best for pain and I have to go through this again? And from what I've read, worse than what I've gone through before?

I take from four to six immediate release tablets a day, sometimes less. After what I've been through and put others through, I tried to be very cautious with my usage.

My friends, believe me when I tell you I have been through some serious withdrawals from decreased titrated use to cold turkey stoppage. I pray I can do it with this crap, but what can I do for pain? I don't want to be drug addicted again. Isn't there something?

God help us all. You are all in my prayers. Keep the faith.


Tramadol is a legal form of heroin. Face it, people. I've done both, I've been addicted to both. I justify it saying Tramadol isn't a narcotic so it's OK to take. Haha. Was I wrong about that!! Take enough of these pills and you will nod out just like dope.

And the withdrawals are very similar to heroin except the brain flashes! I only had brain flashes from these things. I shot dope for many years and withdraw many many times. These pills should be classified as a narcotic, period!

I wish I'd never started taking these pills. The second biggest mistake of my life. Avoid Tramadol if you can, please!


I've just been reading people's posts and I'm really worried. I've got a doctor's appointment next tues to tell them i really want to come off these horrible tablets.

I've been taking them for at least two years now and I'm very dependent on them and I've been suffering with tinnitus for eight months now, which is driving me crazy and I've read that taking meds for a long time can cause this.

I've got three boys and i hate it that in the mornings i have to take my tablets and have a cup of tea before i can really get motivated. I still have a bad back but i don't know if most of that is in my head now! Really worried that the docs are not going to give me any support and that I'm going to take it out on my family. Anyone please do you have any advice? I'm 32 years old and can't do this anymore.


I am weaning off Tramadol. I was taking three to four 50mg tabs per day. I purchased a pill cutter, and that has helped. I cut the pills in half and started taking 1/2 pill three to four times a day for a week and then I cut the pills into fourths and took 1/4 tab three times per day, then 1/4 tab twice a day, and now I am taking 1/4 tab every 24 hours. I will do this for one week and then hopefully stop.

I notice that I don't crave the drug in between like I used to. I have to stop taking this drug due to liver issues, so I really have no choice. So far, I am on day two of one pill every 24 hours and it seems to be working.


I'm only 19 and I've been addicted to tramadol for one year. I've tried so many times to come off them, but it's so hard; the pain is unbelievable. has anybody got any advice? the doctors said replace tramadol with paracetamol. I've tried this but nothing works. somebody please give me some advice.


Here's my two cents for anyone thinking about stopping, which by the way, i advise you do.

I've been on it hardcore for four years. until last week i was on between 18 and 20 50mg a day. I've tried stopping cold turkey twice. Do not try it cold turkey unless you are ready to deal with some of the worst painful and unbelievable withdrawals. Just don't try it.

Instead, try this. I have gone from 20 pills a day to six pills a day with almost no withdrawal symptoms, and i do mean almost none. The worst i had was a little weakness and some mild brain zaps. For all you who have tried cold turkey you will know what brain zaps are.

The method i used was a sort of rapid wean down. I've read about ways to wean off and tried most of them, but the method I've been using seems to be the best by far. Most of the ways to wean off require you to go slow and reduce your intake by 5 percent weekly or monthly. I didn't make it using these methods, as it can be a very long time before you see results and it's very easy to just keep on taking the same amount and convince yourself that you are "trying".

O.K. Here's what i did: DAY 1= i got up in the morning and waited till around mid day and took five pills. i don't advise anyone to take five pills at the one time, by the way. just telling you what i did. i took another five pills at 5 p.m. and then another three right before bed, just to make sure i slept all night. sleep is the most important part of this.

Day 2= Took the pills at the same times as the day before except i reduced my five o'clock dose by one pill. so i took five at midday, four at 5 p.m. and then three before bed.

Day 3= now what i did was split the doses into two parts morning dose and evening dose. my morning dose was six pills at 11 a.m. and my evening dose was five pills, which i took as late as i could. i remember feeling the withdrawal starting at around 6:30 p.m. so i held on till 7 p.m. and took the five pills.

Day 4= five pills at 11 a.m. and five pills at around 7 p.m. (10 pills total).

Day 5= 4 pills at 11am and five pills at 7 p.m. (nine pills total).

Day 6= four at 11am and 4 at 7 p.m. (eight pills total).

Day 7= three at 11 a.m. and four at 7 p.m. (seven pills total).

Day 8= three at 11 a.m. and three at 7 p.m.(six pills total).

And that brings us to today. Today i have only had two pills and i will have another three tonight. I will continue till hopefully I'm finished for good. This may not work for everybody. It's just a suggestion.

I would love to hear any thoughts about it and if it works for anyone else. i will keep you all updated with my progress. Good luck to all of you.


I wish that I could get my husband to read this website and all of your testimonials. He denies that this medication is ruining our family, but I know that it is.

I don't know how to talk to him or what to do. I cannot live the rest of my life this way, but I'm afraid to give an ultimatum. If he quits, he will resent me for the rest of our marriage. If he stays on it, I can't stand to be around him 80 percent of the time. I don't know how to describe to him how he is different, just that he is and I don't respect him.

He literally grosses me out. I hate watching him with our children and they keep on asking me about him: why didn't daddy do this or why doesn't daddy do that. He is so critical of everyone but himself, impatient, intolerant,etc. It seems that the only thing that brings him real joy anymore is spending money, and we don't have it to spend.

The bills continue to fall behind and he doesn't seem to care. Any attention given to me or to the children is forced and uncomfortable. I just want to be away from him. No, actually, I want to love him. But, I can't, not like this.


I was injecting tramadol 100mg per night. today is my first day off. I tried to to some chores in the morning. I got out the house thinking it was tiredness, but my body felt so weak. My bones hurt, my legs wouldn't walk right. I finally got home with the sweats and next diarrhea and I had to sleep all day with no hunger.

My injuries do hurt me a lot but never would I inject this poison into my body again. Now I have part 2 getting off clonasipan that is tougher. like junky symptoms. They are horrible. good luck every one.


I'm having a hard time trying to stop taking tramadol. i have the very same symptoms and habits as others who became dependent on this drug. it feels good but withdrawal was hell! i just want to know if detoxification would help. i want to stop but i keep going back to my habit once withdrawal kicks in!


My husband is on Tramadol for two years now after getting off of oxycodone! He says Tramadol doesn't do anything, but I just don't believe it. He always wants to sleep, no energy, silent, could care less about his surroundings. Just wants to smoke and sleep.

I don't get it and I don't get him! I don't know what to do! Please can anyone help, or just tell me what a tramadol user feels or how they spend their days. I am going insane with this, because I feel my husband is not part of our lives anymore, just on his own.


Tramadol has been prescribed to me for the past three years, with the scheduled dosage of 4x50 mg IR a day. After having nasty withdrawal symptoms after the first three months, i started making pauses between taking them and only take them whenever i really can't stand the pain and sometimes force myself to endure the pain and only take them for sleep, etc.

So far it has worked for me without having any noticeable withdrawal symptoms with as much as one to six days between redosing. I think it's very important that, if possible, that you don't take them non stop (as they usually prescribe them), because it simply messes up your brain chemistry. Other then that, it's a wonder drug for pain.


I have been taking tramadol for five years and I didn't even use them every day until the last couple of years. I only take one a day in the morning; it helps with my FMS pain and lets me get moving.

Some days I forget to take my pills (fibro fog) and I only experience the usual aches and pains I have had for years. I was originally told to take up to two a day but found if I took it later in the day I couldn't go to sleep.

Later I found out that taking Prozac and Tramadol could cause serotonin poisoning. I only take one prozac and one tramadol a day, due to wanting to be able to function but not fly high.

I never take the recommended dose, but that may be due to the fact FMS victims are extremely sensitive to meds.


my husband claims he has arthritis and gets this from his doctor. First my husband is a physician's assistant and I believe he knows exactly what to say to get it. He has never been tested for arthritis but claims he has pain.

I do not believe him. He comes from a long line of addicts in his family who love to self medicate themselves.

Not only does he just take the tramadol, he takes it and also drinks about 7-10 beers with it. I have spoken to his doctor before about this but nothing is done. They just keep giving him a script.

Needless to say, after years of this in our marriage and trying to get him to get help, I filed for divorce. I cannot watch him destroy his (our) life.


I have been on Tramadol for about four months. I never took the recommended dosage. I always took less and still I find myself addicted. I knew rather early on that there was a problem when I would only take one dose a day and about 12 hours after that dose I would start feeling agitated, depressed and cramping and sweaty. I am only taking two 50 mil tablets a day.

I have not taken any for over 26 hours. I cannot believe how much I feel like I am going to die. I cannot believe how bad I ache, how I am shaking and sweating, how I feel like I am being shocked with electricity all over.

I still have not had the back surgery I need but I would rather deal with the pain than deal with the addiction.


I have been on Tramadol for the past 3 1/2 years and think they are great. I was directed to take 4 50mg caps a day after a severe injury and admit that they help with the pain.

I work in a factory and took the tabs when I felt sore, but an eight hour shift dictates two caps and I never felt the need to take more once I got home. The weekends are Tramadol free without any cravings and I intend to keep it that way. The thought of having to take tablets every day isn't appealing and common-sense tells me that abuse or over medicating of any drug is both stupid and selfish to others around you, like friends or family.


I have been taking 50mg Tramadol tablets now for just over two years for fibromyalgia. I never take them during the day - I take my first one at about two hours past dinner and my second one at around 10 p.m., or when I go to bed.

I also do not take them at all for two consecutive days every month and for a full week about every three to four months. I am miserable when I am off of them, but only because of the original pain that I am taking them for in the first place.

I have never experienced any of the withdrawal symptoms mentions here. I guess that we must all be a little different.


I've only been on this junk for eight weeks since a major injury and surgery to correct the problem and already having a nightmare time trying to come off them.

As for the person who said follow the directions, I take less than the the prescribed dose as I was already aware that there was a dependency problem with Tramadol and I didn't want to fall into its grip.

I haven't taken any at all for two days and it's total torture - and it's only today I've realized why!

Need to see my doctor ASAP and get this stuff out of my life for good.

Damn Tramadol - I know it's good for pain, but it's bad otherwise.


with out it I don't feel like I can ever "Be myself." This is awful. I have a prescription to wean off, but I am too tempted not to. I don't know why this drug makes me feel like I need it, but it is horrible.

I have been keeping it a secret of how much I actually have been taking. I'm not a bad person, I just don't feel normal without it and I am afraid I will become depressed when I finally wean off. All because I was a victim in a car accident, like that wasn't enough hell on its own.


I am now on 1/2 tramadol. I also have RA, but was a little suspicious when I felt so good. My husband said, so what, you're supposed to feel good, you have RA. True, but I am so scared to get addicted.


It is hell coming off of this medicine but I will do it. No way am I going to take something like this again!


I have RA and was prescribed tramadol. At first I really loved it, it helped with the pain, and I could do more things. Then I became suspicious, I just felt too good, and realized it was the drug. Now I am down from taking two or three a day to 1/2 pill a day, it still helps, but not like when I took more. I just don't want to get addicted.


yeah! it sure is tough. I am on it 10 years. tried to come off but the withdrawals were too severe. Best I could was get down to 200 mgs a day and even that was tough going. If I try to go lower I just feel like I'm falling apart.


I have recently come off Tramadol after a year of continued use. I reduced my dosage down over a period of time until I was on 1 a day and then decided I could not prolong it any longer and stopped. My advice is to lower the dosage until down to 1 a day and then stop. This worked for me. It does seem to be a very addictive drug but life off is clearer than life on it. Wishing all well with their decision to stop.


the directions are the directions! anyone who takes more than the directions has a big problem and must get help.

as a pharmacist, i just saw a young lady 23 years old go there get 540 tablets from four doctors and three pharmacies in 42 days!

Guess what she said? "I lost them."

Unless she wants help, she will some day die for this merry go round.

Do not blame the doctor, pharmacist or medication. Taken as it is suppose to be taken, it works. To take it like M&Ms like you want to take it will kill you some day.

Abuse starts and will stop when the patient wants to stop.

P.S. My father lost 45 years as a pharmacist due to alcohol abuse. He spent two years in jail due to poor narcotic recording keeping.

Life is too short not to enjoy each day.

The directions are the directions. Play by the rules or die. grm


to 36413. I am in the process of coming off tramadol and its hellish. All you think about is

taking your next dose. When i don't take the meds

I get very depressed and I get some weird thoughts.

It has ruined my life and my wife is going crazy.

Don't get me wrong, these helped with the pain and

made me feel better. I could do all sorts of things and go on for hours. Anyway I sympathize with all you folks who are having the same problem as me. good luck to you all.


Tramadol is not what doctors believe it to be. I've been through the withdrawals like 10 times and can never hold out from taking it long enough to get off. It is the worst kind of hell I've ever been in and I've taken other meds like hydrocodone for long periods. Quitting those was nothing compared to tramadol.

I give it five years, tops, until the FDA finally takes notice and wipes this drug off the market completely. There's something they don't know, it is horrible and anyone who knows has my absolute sympathy.


I was on tramadol for fibromyalgia, only for a few weeks. I had night terrors, and little is mentioned about mental breakdown, and withdrawal symptoms, the same as coming off heroin, I know -- my boyfriend was a heroin addict, and I helped him withdraw.

Although effective for pain, the side effects were not worth the risk, and i have no intention of being a junkie.


My friend is getting very sick and it's 15 days until she can get a refill. she is going through all the symptoms of withdrawal and doesn't know what to do.


yes i have stopped taking tramadol. itfeels like i am going to die but i am sure i won't.


has anyone stopped taking tramadol, or weaning off this medication?

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