How do I Go About Doing a Good Deed?

Amy Hunter

There are a variety of ways to go about doing a good deed. Good deeds can encompass a wide range of duties, and how you choose to go about doing a good deed often depends on your reason for wanting to do the deed in the first place. Some people choose to do a good deed because it makes them feel better. Others feel that doing a good deed is an important way to show compassion for others.

Donating to a charity online is an easy way to do a good deed.
Donating to a charity online is an easy way to do a good deed.

No matter what your reason for doing a good deed, there are several ways to go about it. Some good deeds are spontaneous. For example, you may see someone struggling with grocery bags and offer to help. If you step in and spontaneously offer to help someone, it is important not to startle them. While most people appreciate the offer of help, if you appear seemingly out of nowhere, especially after dark, you can scare more than help.

Doing a good deed may be an important way to show compassion for others.
Doing a good deed may be an important way to show compassion for others.

Before you step in to help someone, look them in the eye and smile. Say something to put them at ease. A general statement, such as, “Here, let me help you,” often makes the other person feel more comfortable. Don’t make any reference to the other person being alone or you being strong. These statements can appear threatening.

Once you have completed your good deed, don’t linger. Standing around staring at the other person can make them feel awkward. They may wonder if you are expecting money or getting ready to ask them for their phone number. Instead, accept their thanks graciously, offering a general goodbye, such as, “I’m glad that I could help,” and continue on your way.

If you would like to participate in a more formal type of good deed, there are many charities and nonprofits that would love to have your help. The first step to being involved in a good deed for a charity is to determine the type of charity that you would like to work with. There are many charities that work with animals, children, abuse victims, the environment and many other causes. If you are going to commit time to doing good deeds, it is important to choose a cause that you believe in.

Once you have decided on a charitable cause that you believe in, contact them and ask what they need. You may find that your paying job provides you with skills that a charity would love to have. Many charities also have a need for plain manpower on occasion. They may not require anyone with specialized training, but would love to have someone to register participants at a fundraising walk, unload donated supplies or drive the elderly to doctor’s appointments. No matter what level of skill, most charities can find a way for you to perform a good deed.

Smiling can help put a person at ease.
Smiling can help put a person at ease.

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@dinoleash- I think you and I have the same type of husband! Our house sits right in the middle of a sharp curve and there have numerous accidents in our yard. The most recent one was a teenage boy speeding around the curve and he wrecked in our yard and took our mailbox out.

The young man's mother paid for a new mailbox and a new post and made her son come and fix it. My husband got right out there with him and helped him get it done. My husband told me that one good deed may lead that person to doing a good deed too.


@stormyknight- I think that is a great idea! My husband has a heart of gold and is always trying to do things for other people. If he sees our neighbor out weed-eating, he gets his weed-eater out and goes over to help him.

Sometimes, we forget how to be kind. I find myself in that position occasionally. Someone might come up to me and do a "random act of kindness" and it will brighten my day. Often times, doing one good deed for a stranger can make their day.


The women's group at my church started a little project a few months ago. We wanted to see more people doing good deeds. Two or three of us would get together and go to the mall or even a department store and do a random act of kindness.

For instance, we like to visit the food court in the mall. We sit at a table and watch people who might have trouble carrying their tray because they have a small child. We will offer to carry the tray for them. Just little things like that make a big difference. The people that you do the good deed for will be more likely to "pay it forward" and do something nice for someone else.

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