How do I get the Best Camera Warranty?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
A digital camera.
A digital camera.

You may have put a lot of thought into the type of camera you want to buy. However, you may want to put a considerable amount of thought into the camera warranty that you will get with it. This is especially true if the camera is expensive. To make sure you get the best warranty, make sure you completely understand the terms, avoid buying cameras under conditions that may have voided the warranty, and consider extended warranty if necessary.

It is very important to understand the camera warranty before you purchase a camera. Many people only pay attention to the length of the camera warranty and ignore the coverage. For example, a five-year warranty may sound like a great deal, but it is less attractive if you later discover it only covers manufacturer defects. Try to get a warranty that has a wide range of coverage, the longest length of coverage, and a plan that includes damage that is user-inflicted and the premature breakdown of parts.

In some instances, to get the best coverage, you may have to purchase an extended warranty or a service warranty. Purchasing a more expensive camera may also increase your chances of getting a good warranty. The more well-known manufacturers may sell more expensive cameras, but they may also come with better camera warranties than value brands. However, before paying any additional costs, you should try to get the best warranty possible.

Buy your camera from an authorized dealer. If you do not, you may find that while the camera is supposed to have a certain warranty, the conditions under which you purchased yours deems the warranty void. Furthermore, if you purchase your camera from an authorized dealer, you may be able to get a dealer warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty. You should always look for this type of deal when purchasing electronics.

You should also consider whether the camera warranty will be jeopardized if you are planning to buy used equipment. Items for sale online often state that they are still within the life of the warranty. This does not mean, however, that they are in a condition that allows you to take advantage of the warranty if you need it. A camera may seem “like new” as advertised, but you may later find that the original parts have been changed or internal damage has been done which voids the warranty.

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@heavanet- When it comes to an investment like a camera, I think that you should have a better warranty than just one year. Even though the camera you want to buy only has a one year warranty, the store may offer an extended warranty of several years if you ask. Usually, when it comes to an item like a camera, a one year warranty comes with it when you buy it. However, for additional cost, many stores offer additional years on the warranty.


I found a camera that I want to buy, but it only has a one year camera warranty. Is this enough time, or should I consider a different camera?

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    • A digital camera.
      A digital camera.