How do I get Electric Bill Assistance?

K. Gierok
K. Gierok
Many electric companies have a budget assistance plan.
Many electric companies have a budget assistance plan.

For those who require electric bill assistance, finding a solution can, at times, seem almost impossible. However, by keeping a few basic guidelines in mind, gaining electric bill assistance can be a piece of cake. Those who need assistance should first contact their local electric companies in order to create a budget plan. If this is not enough, individuals may be able to seek additional help through local community support groups, or even through the governmental departments of welfare. For best results, individuals should consult with various organizations, and should not depend on one specific group for help.

One of the best ways to get electric bill assistance is by contacting the electric company. Those who have difficulty paying their bills should call their local agency before the problem gets out of hand, and ask to be placed on a budget. An electric bill assistance "budget plan" allows customers to use only as much electricity as they are able to afford, and enables them to know exactly how much their bill will be each month. If the local electric company requires a budget plan commitment that is still out of range, interested customers should inquire about additional forms of assistance provided by the company. In some cases, some, or the entirety of the bill can be waived.

Those who do not achieve success with the electric company should try consulting with their a local non-profit community action group. The Community Action Support Group, for example, is a nation-wide group run in the United States whose sole purpose is providing assistance to others who are not able to pay gas and electric bills. In many cases, organizations such as this will pay the entirety of a particular bill. Be aware, however, that some of these groups will unfortunately make only a one-time payment. Those who are interested in these types of programs can search for them in the phone book or over the Internet. Interested individuals should be sure to seek the organization that is closest to their current location for the most prompt service.

Another way to get electric bill assistance is through a local welfare department. Unlike community action groups, which might pay the electric bill only for one month, departments of welfare may be able to provide help for a longer period of time. In addition, they may be able to provide support in other ways, such as making referrals to other governing agencies.

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    • Many electric companies have a budget assistance plan.
      By: sepy
      Many electric companies have a budget assistance plan.