How do I get Carpet Samples?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

No one wants to install a new carpet without getting a close look at the new carpeting to determine whether or not it is suitable. In recognition of this, manufacturers of carpeting make carpet samples readily available to consumers so that people can make an informed choice about the carpeting they install. There are a number of sources for carpet samples, many of which offer samples for free, much like paint manufacturers hand out paint chips for customer reference.

One of the best sources for carpet samples is a store which sells flooring and carpeting.
One of the best sources for carpet samples is a store which sells flooring and carpeting.

One of the best sources for carpet samples is a store which sells flooring and carpeting. Many such stores have samples on display, and they may be willing to cut samples for someone to take home if people want to compare carpeting colors with existing interior design schemes. While the store may sometimes encourage customers to order from them, asking for samples from a store does not obligate a customer to order carpeting through that store, and customers can in fact get samples from multiple stores to get a better idea of the options available.

One option for obtaining carpet samples is through a carpet installer.
One option for obtaining carpet samples is through a carpet installer.

Customers who know that they want carpeting from a particular company can also request carpet samples directly through the manufacturer or a dealer who stocks that manufacturer's carpeting. Many manufacturers and dealers provide a limited number of free samples to customers, and people can pay extra for additional carpet samples. The company can also send information about the full range of products it carries, and it may offer recommendations for specific carpet installers as well.

Another option for obtaining carpet samples is a carpet installer or contractor. While contractors don't have showrooms with samples on display, they often keep swatches in their offices, or can obtain carpet samples from the companies they work with. Talking to a contractor or carpet installer can also be an excellent way to get product recommendations based on experience with various manufacturers.

Interior design firms also carry carpet samples, although they may only provide samples to people who have entered into interior design contracts. Home improvement stores also stock carpet samples in their flooring sections for the benefit of customers who want to examine their carpeting options, and can provide sample books for people to take home. Customers may want to be aware that the full product line of a company is usually not on display, so if they like a particular color, company, or carpeting style, they may want to ask for more samples or information.

Interior designs firms may stock a selection of carpet samples.
Interior designs firms may stock a selection of carpet samples.
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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I went to a place that both sells and installs carpets and other kinds of flooring for my free carpet samples. They only had samples of the ones they had in stock, so I knew that whatever I chose would be available immediately.


@wavy58 – My mother actually worked at a carpet sample factory. She said that whenever a worker messed up a sample, it would get thrown into a bin, and workers were allowed to take these samples home if they liked.

They would otherwise just get thrown away. I can't tell you how many different carpet samples we have lying around the house that we use as coasters and drawer liners!

We actually liked a couple of the samples so much that we found the manufacturer and bought the carpet. I know this isn't a method that most people can use to get free samples, but if you know someone who does work at a sample factory, ask them about the trash bin!


@DylanB – I have to have carpet samples in my hand before I can decide upon one. I think that everyone should look for samples before making such a big investment.

You want your carpet to last a long time, and you want to be happy with it. The best way to feel reassured about the purchase you are about to make is to have samples in your home for comparison.

I've heard that there are actually factories that make nothing but carpet samples. This just goes to show how popular their use is. I don't know of any home improvement store that doesn't keep them on hand and readily give them out to customers.


I got to take a carpet sample book home from my local carpet store while I was deciding on a carpet for my house, but I had to bring the book back. The store actually gets all your information before allowing you to borrow the book so they can track you down and retrieve it if you don't bring it back.

They told me I could keep it for two days. I suppose that they needed it back for other customers who might want to use it.

I found it really helpful. It's much better to take an actual sample of carpet home than to just take a picture of one, because you get a feel for the texture.

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