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How Do I Get a Wi-Fi® Phone Connection?

Marco Sumayao
Marco Sumayao

The simplest way an individual can get a Wi-Fi® phone connection is to find a nearby Wi-Fi® hotspot and connect to it. Wi-Fi®-capable phones will be able to detect the presence of a wireless connection and, barring any restrictions set by the network administrator, can connect to the network directly. Another option individuals have is to set up Wi-Fi® networks at home. This has the added benefit of dependability, as some localities might be sparse in hotspots; having a personal Wi-Fi® connection eliminates the reliance on other networks being present. Setting up a Wi-Fi® phone connection at home is a simple matter of purchasing a wireless router for an existing Internet connection and connecting it to the network.

Wi-Fi® phones often, if not always, have the option to detect nearby Wi-Fi® hotspots, making it relatively easy to get a Wi-Fi® phone connection. If the phone does not automatically detect any wireless networks, users will have to manually enable this feature. This is done by going to the phone's network settings and locating the wireless network menu. The phone will then offer the option to add a new wireless network or to connect to an existing network. Choosing either option will cause the phone's Wi-Fi® adapter to detect any available networks and display them onscreen.

A WiFi® logo.
A WiFi® logo.

The Wi-Fi® networks detected by the phone will either be marked as open or locked. Open networks are Wi-Fi® hotspots intended for public use and can be connected to by any individual. A locked network, on the other hand, is privately-owned and will require a password for access. A user who wants to get a Wi-Fi® phone connection via a locked network will need to obtain the password from the system administrator in order to connect; at commercial establishments, this can be as simple as asking for it at the counter.

Individuals might want to create their own Wi-Fi® phone connections at home for availability and security reasons. In order to get a Wi-Fi® phone connection at a private residence, homeowners will first need to secure a good Internet connection. Once the connection is set up, individuals can buy wireless routers and connect them to the main Internet connection, according to the router's directions. In order to maximize both the speed and security of the wireless network, users should lock their Wi-Fi® connections with a password — this prevents outsiders from gaining access to the network. When the wireless router is up and running, users can get a Wi-Fi® phone connection in the same manner as they would in a Wi-Fi® hotspot.

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    • A WiFi® logo.
      A WiFi® logo.