How Do I Get a Certificate in Corporate Finance?

Geri Terzo

There are different ways to go about obtaining a certificate in corporate finance. You can enroll in courses offered by a college or university or obtain instruction through some financial institution that specializes in providing educational training to industry professionals. To begin on a basic level, you may need to take some prerequisite classes in other types of finance, including accounting. An intermediate or advanced designation in corporate finance requires greater qualifications, such as several years of proven industry experience.

People working in corporate finance who earn certificates and degrees often can command higher salaries.
People working in corporate finance who earn certificates and degrees often can command higher salaries.

Some of the courses that lead to a certificate in corporate finance are designed for individuals who are already practicing in the financial industry. Subsequently, you may qualify for these courses after completing a college education and beginning a career in finance. Instruction providers may offer continuing education (CE) credits for the courses as well. This designation is notable because it may make the difference between an employer paying or making other allowances for the instruction.

An initial step to earning a certificate in corporate finance is to enroll in a program. You may need to be employed by a firm that participates in corporate financing activities, such as an investment bank, to qualify. At the very least, the instruction firm may require that you have a grasp of the types of financial statements that corporations issue just to make sure that you can keep up with the pace of the course.

If the training is an online program, you will still follow a structured curriculum. Expect that there will be some time restrictions you must follow to complete the course and earn a certificate in corporate finance. Also, you may need to earn some minimum grade, as established by the instruction firm, to qualify for the industry designation. Some providers also offer a live-classroom setting in which you can be trained. Whether the training is online or in person, expect to pass an exam at the end of the instruction to receive your credentials.

In order to earn a certificate in corporate finance, no matter which course level you choose, from basic to advanced, you are going to have to demonstrate a command of the accounting and other methods used throughout the financing process. The more advanced the training, the more sophisticated the techniques you will need to master to earn a certificate. Some of these strategies may include assigning a value to assets or businesses, mastering the different types of financing that can be used, including equity and debt, and understanding the credit merits of clients.

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